Why don't we use Wordpress?

June 13, 2020

In contrast to all the previous posts of this series, this one is unique in that it shows why we don’t use Wordpress. You have probably heard about the most famous content management system (CMS) known as Wordpress. It allows users to create professional looking websites in a span of a few hours. It was meant to be used by non-developers, that’s why we don’t use it. It has a ton of free and paid plugins that help you add lots of functionalities to your website. There are many free and paid templates that you can use as a design. Or, you can use a theme builder, make a specific design by adding components and changing the layout. But then, the PHP version is changed, Wordpress needs to be updated, the themes too, and not forget the plugins. Next thing you know, your wonderful looking website has turned into a mess. But hey, you didn’t want to pay a developer to build your website.

By using Laravel in the backend we make sure that our websites are structured, secure and easily customizable. We can build a professional website with a dream design that fits all the needs of the client. Then, we can create an admin panel to let the client manage the content if they need to. The admin panel has all the basic CRUD features, but the user doesn’t have the power to crash the website. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. The user is able to create new content (post, article, project, testimonial, etc), update the information or delete it. The Read means that it will be visible to others for viewing.

Almost every developer in the initial years has gone through a few Wordpress websites and has experienced all the difficulties that we mentioned in this post. Our solution is to make use of technologies where we have more control over the code and we can deliver professional websites. Sometimes shortcuts are not the best choice and it can hunt you back in the long run. You may think that it’s not worth the money, but then you shouldn’t have taken the job. That’s why we prefer to play it safe and promise quality work. We want our clients to be happy and satisfied with our services. We want them to call us back for further cooperation and to act as our most reliable referrals for new clients.