Website Branding


Youth Empowerment Platform (YEP) is a youth-orientated non-governmental organization, located in Gostivar.

It was founded on April 24, 2015 by a group of enthusiastic young people who believe in amplifying the voices of young people and serving their communities.

YEP strives to support Gostivar’s youth by fostering their leadership skills, encouraging their civic engagement, providing technical skills, and ensuring all members have a space to full their potential in becoming their most authentic, best version of themselves.

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Project Description

We designed and developed an entirely new version that attracts the younger generations and makes them feel comfortable with the user experience. YEP is a youth NGO that focuses on the intellectual development of the youth. They implement many projects and the website is constantly filled with new content. They have high website traffic and receive many emails through the contact form, but never experience difficulties on the website.

Technology Used

Vanilla JavaScript, Tailwind CSS & Jigsaw.

We use Jigsaw as a static site generator for building this website. The styling is created with the help of Tailwind CSS. We make use of TurboLinks for faster page navigation. There is just a bit of JavaScript used in the website and it is pure Vanilla JavaScript.