Your trusted Statamic Agency

We are a team of enthusiastic young people focused on design, creativity and cutting edge web development. We are crazy about Laravel and Statamic. Our commitment to quality and trust was rewarded with the honor of becoming Certified Statamic Partner.


Why Statamic ?

Intuitive Content Management System

Super fast loading speeds

Control Panel with Live Preview

Customizable design blocks

Content is version controlled

Safe and secure data protection

A lot of built-in features

Convenient CP, almost like playing with Legos

Statamic Starter Kits

Our Statamic journey began withCloud, the most sold Statamic starter kit on the marketplace. That motivated us to buildLandtamic, the most powerful Statamic starter kit with more than 100 design components and lots of great features. We continued withRésumé, another Statamic starter kit for an elegant looking personal site that displays your CV.

We have invested lots of effort on these starter kits to make it possible for you to build your website within minutes and without much effort.

What we offer

Migrate from Statamic V2 to V3

Statamic v2 was great, but v3 is the best CMS for both, the developers and user experience. V2 is now receiving only security fixes and it’s highly recommended that all websites migrate to the latest v3 of Statamic. We can help you out with a smooth migration without losing any of the previous content and by using only the latest technologies to support your website.

Upgrade the technology stack

If your website was built with v2 of Statamic, then most probably it uses older technologies as well, such as jQuery. We can upgrade the tech stack of your website to use the latest industry standards. This will ensure that your website runs smoothly, super fast and highly secure. We can also switch your Bootstrap code to use TailwindCSS for utilizing the best features of the CMS.

Modular Website

Statamic v3 has a very powerful feature that allows us to build a theme based website. We create building blocks that you can use for creating new pages or modify existing ones. You simply choose the building block you want to use and add the necessary title, text, button, links, icons or images. This gives you the full power of modifying your website without breaking it down. Think of it as Lego blocks that you use for your needs.


It’s necessary that the website is always maintained and updated. This will keep it safe from breaking down or having security breaches. With every website project we provide a contract that offers maintenance support. This includes updating all the technologies to their latest version and fixing bug issues that may arise from the updates.


Wordpress to Statamic migration

We usually work with clients that want to migrate from WordPress or Statamic v2. We make sure that the migration process adapts to the specific needs of our client. We utilize all of Statamic v3 features to develop a powerful website that stands out. We modify the Control Panel to provide ready made components that are designed specifically for your website.