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Why Lucky Media?

  • We bring over 10 years of experience creating Mobile App Projects for diverse clients.

  • We're committed to delivering your ideal custom software on time and on budget.

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we're known for our quick response time.

  • We offer ongoing support and maintenance post-launch to guarantee long-term success.

  • Leave the tech jargon to us! We're here to help you choose the right path for your product.

React Native features our clients love

Supports iOS and Android with a single codebase.

High-performance framework for a smooth user experience.

Thriving developer community for reliability and growth.

Hot reloading for real-time updates and faster development.

Modular Architecture: React Native facilitates modular architecture, making your app more organized, maintainable, and easy to upgrade.

Modular architecture for organized and maintainable apps.

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Exceptional business relationships shouldn’t be the luck of the draw. We really work hard to earn your trust, meet your needs, and become part of your team – the Bruce Banner to your Captain America, if you will (without all the smashing).


Adam Gilbert

Adam Gilbert

CEO @ MyBodyTutor

We had a great experience working with Lucky Media on our recent website redesign. The team was responsive and friendly, always available to answer any questions we had, and open to incorporating our design requests. Their positive attitude and sense of humor made the development process a fun and enjoyable experience. We'd highly recommend LuckyMedia to anyone in need of top-notch web development.

We always get glowing feedback from companies who work with Lucky Media. Their professionalism, knowledge, and quick and clear communication truly sets them apart.

Lucky Media is an outstanding group to collaborate with. They're trustworthy, reliable and passionate about their work. I'd highly recommend them for any organization seeking value and, most importantly, results.

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Transforming Urban Tourism with a Complete Digital Solution

Explore how Lucky Media's innovative iOS and Android mobile app transformed urban tourism in a capital city, boosting user interaction and ramping up tour bookings.

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Technologies we love to use

We prioritize quality work that meets industry standards, ensuring top-notch service from our experienced team of software developers. Our developers possess a variety of technical skills, including expertise in Laravel, React, React Native, Next.js, Alpine.js, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Statamic, FilamentPHP, PHPUnit, and Cypress.

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What we can help with

React Native Development

We create game-changing mobile solutions built with React Native for your business. We understand that one size fails all, which is why we tailor our services to meet your unique needs and goals.

MVP Mobile Application Development

We specialize in assisting start-ups and entrepreneurs in creating secure and user-friendly minimum viable products (MVPs) using React Native. Our team leverages the power of modern JavaScript frameworks to bring your ideas to life.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

Our aim is to deliver mobile applications that are secure, scalable, and sustainable across multiple platforms. Whether it's iOS or Android, we have the expertise to build high-quality and versatile mobile solutions with React Native.

Mobile Application UI/UX Design

Our team of skilled designers are experts at creating custom, visually engaging, and responsive mobile applications optimized for exceptional user experience and lead conversion. We believe in crafting digital spaces that not only impress but also drive growth.


Requirement gathering

We start with a kick-off meeting to ensure we understand your requirements and objectives.



We develop a project plan that outlines the timeline, key milestones, and deliverables.



Our React Native developers write clean, concise, and scalable code that meets your project requirements.



We test your web application to ensure it functions correctly, is secure, and meets your expectations.



Once the application is tested and approved, we deploy it on the hosting server.



We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your web application runs smoothly.

Let's Talk

Book a free call and have a no-strings-attached chat about your ideas.

Partner with your favorite Software Development Agency

Lucky Media is proud to be a leading React Native Development Agency. This is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering top-notch mobile app solutions that drive business growth. Our team's unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has earned us this prestigious ranking.

We’re a Certified Statamic Partner, which means we have access to the latest resources, information, and support from Statamic. We're the #1 Statamic Agency, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform. We’re proud to have built some of the best Statamic starter kits out there, making it possible for developers to build a professional website within minutes.

Lucky Media is an honored Laravel News Partner, the most famous Laravel news site that provides valuable resources for developers. We are a Premium Sponsor for the development of FilamentPHP, the best open-source Admin Panel built with the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire).

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your Software Development Company offer for React Native development?

As a leading Software Development Company, we offer comprehensive React Native mobile app development services. This includes custom app development, cross-platform app development, app design and prototyping, API integration, and React Native testing services. Our React Developers also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the longevity and success of your mobile application.

What are the benefits of using React Native for mobile application development?

React Native, a popular choice for Mobile Application Development, offers the ability to develop cross-platform mobile applications with near-native performance using a single codebase. This significantly reduces development time and costs. Furthermore, as a React Development Agency, we can leverage React Native's easy integration with native features and third-party libraries, bolstering app functionality beyond the basics.

What is your experience as a React Native Development Agency?

As a seasoned React Native Development Agency, our expertise spans various industries. We have developed a multitude of React Native mobile applications for diverse clients. For instance, our React Developers have crafted an innovative tourism app that enables tour guides to effortlessly manage their tours and showcase their landmarks.

How does your Mobile App Development Agency maintain quality control?

As a responsible Mobile App Development Agency, we adhere to industry best practices and employ state-of-the-art tools to ensure our React Native mobile apps are of unrivaled quality. Regular code reviews, rigorous testing, and meticulous QA processes by our React Developers guarantee secure, scalable, and fully-functional applications.

How long does it take your React Development Agency to develop a React Native mobile app?

Development timelines hinge on the project scale and complexity. Nonetheless, as a dedicated React Development Agency, we work in tandem with our clientele to ensure we deliver projects punctually without compromising quality.

Does your React Native Development Agency provide post-development support and maintenance for React Native mobile apps?

Absolutely! As a full-service React Native Development Agency, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services for React Native mobile apps, ensuring prompt updates and seamless functionality to keep your app running at peak performance.

Can your React Developers integrate third-party applications with React Native mobile apps?

Certainly! Our team of skilled React Developers possesses the know-how to integrate a plethora of third-party applications with React Native mobile apps, including APIs, plugins, and additional software solutions.

What is the cost of React Native mobile app development at your Mobile App Development Agency?

Pricing for React Native mobile app development at our Mobile App Development Agency hinges on factors such as project scope, feature complexity, and timeline. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and will provide a detailed cost breakdown during the initial consultation.

What is your development process for React Native mobile apps at your React Development Agency?

Our agile development methodology at our React Development Agency encompasses elaborate discovery, prototyping, development, testing, and deployment phases for React Native mobile apps. Prioritizing close collaboration with our clients throughout the process, we work diligently to deliver a mobile app that aligns with their unique requirements.

What industries have your React Developers worked with?

Our React Developers have extensive experience working with a wide range of industries. From healthcare and finance to retail and tourism, our team has the expertise to understand industry-specific challenges and deliver tailored React Native mobile app solutions.

What makes your Software Development Company stand out in React Native development?

As a premier Software Development Company, we stand out in React Native development due to our team of skilled React Developers, our commitment to quality, and our focus on delivering solutions that align with our clients' business goals. We leverage the latest technologies and follow best practices to ensure we deliver top-notch mobile applications.

How does your React Development Agency handle project communication and updates?

Our React Development Agency believes in maintaining clear and constant communication with our clients. We use a variety of tools and platforms for project management and updates, ensuring our clients are always informed about the progress of their React Native mobile app development project.

Can your Mobile App Development Agency assist with app store submission?

Yes, our Mobile App Development Agency offers complete end-to-end services, including assistance with app store submission. Our team ensures that your React Native mobile app meets all the guidelines of the respective app stores and handles the submission process for a smooth launch.

Does your React Native Development Agency offer UI/UX design services?

Absolutely! Our React Native Development Agency has a dedicated team of UI/UX designers who work closely with our React Developers. They ensure that your mobile app is not only functional but also provides an excellent user experience with an intuitive and engaging design.

What kind of support can I expect post-launch from your React Development Agency?

Our React Development Agency offers comprehensive post-launch support. This includes handling updates, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and adding new features as required. We ensure your mobile app continues to deliver a great user experience and aligns with your evolving business needs.