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Clock's on Your Side

We're all about flexing those work hours to fit you like a glove. Our team members are trusted to be productive ninjas – completely zoned in and delivering top-notch work – but the when and where is totally up to them. We're big fans of work-life balance around here, and we know that happy peeps make for killer projects. So, we've kicked old-school 9 to 5 to the curb, embracing a more personalized approach that lets our team shine bright like the stars they are.

Tech that Dazzles

We're no strangers to crafting mind-blowing software solutions that leave folks speechless. We work with the coolest clients on the block, tackling challenging projects well-suited for the latest and greatest tech out there. Our team of maestros are skilled in all sorts of tech-wizardry– React, Laravel, Next.js, React Native, you name it. OpenAI, custom software shindigs, and budding startup ideas are all in our wheelhouse.

Skills that Soar

Here, we're all about helping our peeps level up their skillset like a video game. Our secret sauce lies in making challenges feel like quests for personal growth, instead of throwing you to the wolves. We cultivate a nurturing environment that's kinda like a greenhouse for continuous learning. Our squad is always pumped to explore uncharted territory, push past boundaries, and evolve into coding superheroes.

Epic Teamwork

We invest in our employees' skill development like it's the rocket fuel that propels us to greatness. Our specialty is handing out challenges that feel more like opportunities to level up, rather than scary monsters lurking in the dark. In our supportive space, learning never takes a day off, and it's all about growing together. Encouraging our team to seize new challenges, stretch their limits, and transform into true development gurus is the name of our game.

Careers at Lucky Media

Internship - Design


Ready to get your game-changing start in digital solutions? Welcome to an internship like no other at Lucky Media. Gain hands-on experience, professional mentorship, and the potential for employment. Forget idle time; flex your creativity on real projects and become a valued part of our team.

Internship - Backend


Dive into an epic internship at Lucky Media. Cultivate your creativity in real projects, unlock hands-on experience, and get invaluable mentorship from industry veterans—all while enjoying the perks of a full-fledged team member. We value potential over papers, so bring your best game!

Internship - Frontend


Looking for an internship that packs a punch? Dive headfirst into the real deal at Lucky Media. Get under the skin of real projects, turn your hands-on learning into professional prowess, and become more than an intern – you could be our next team superstar.