Web applications

It’s never been more important to leverage technology to connect with staff and customers. A web app might be the ideal option for your internal tool or SaaS solution, whether you want to integrate online ordering and delivery or use a content management system.And if you’re a start-up in need of an MVP, stat, we can work with tight timelines to make it happen.

What we do

We use the latest technology to create web applications that are complex on the inside and beautiful to look at and easy to use on the outside.

Our developers are experts in working with modern frameworks, such as Laravel, Statamic, React, Next.js, Node.js, Alpine.js, Vue and TailwindCSS. We’ll always build something bespoke and choose the right tech to match the needs of your project.

Whatever your industry, business, or project, we always deliver:

A smooth interface with usability at its heart.

A modern design aesthetic that aligns with your brand.

The option for custom solutions for your needs, including integrating third-party APIs.

A reliable and organised code base.

A focus on performance so users can benefit from super-fast loading times.

Rigorous testing, both for usability and to make sure all features work seamlessly.

Security and stability, including compliance with industry standards.

Smooth and organised deployment and ongoing support.

What are web applications?

Web applications – internal or public-facing – are software programs that run on web browsers. They’re often used by businesses to provide online services to their customers or to streamline internal processes. For example, an online shopping platform that allows users to browse products, add them to a shopping cart, and check out securely with a credit card.

web application
Staff Augmentation

If there’s a skills gap in your team, you can trust us to be the bridge that gets your project over the line. Lucky’s staff augmentation service is a cost-effective and flexible solution when time is of the essence and excellence is essential.

Our developers are technical tours de force, with experience in Laravel, React, React Native, Next.js, Alpine.js, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Statamic, PHPUnit Tests, and Cypress.

Time to get Lucky?

Still shopping around? We get it. Here are some web apps that left our clients feeling lucky. They should give you more of an idea of how we can help.

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