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Our clients are maverick minds who want to try something on in a size made just for them. But what about us? Find out more about what we stand for, our Lucky leaders, and the tech champions who make the magic happen.

Heading Pattern

What we’re all about

Whistle while we work

We love all this tech stuff, and it shows. That passion for every pixel, every line of code, is packaged into every project. Our people have the freedom to create, the support to grow, and the space to enjoy their work so it feels a lot more like play.

Lucky Media is proud to be recognized as a leading Laravel Development Agency. This recognition is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering top-notch Laravel solutions that drive business growth. Our team's unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has earned us this prestigious ranking.

We’re a Certified Statamic Partner, which means we have access to the latest resources, information, and support from Statamic. We're also rated as the #1 Statamic Agency. We’re proud to have built some of the best Statamic starter kits out there, making it possible for developers to build a professional website within minutes.

Lucky Media is a proud Laravel News Partner, the most famous Laravel news site that provides valuable resources for developers. We are a Premium Sponsor for the development of FilamentPHP, the best open-source Admin Panel built with the TALL stack.

Working with Lucky Media is like having a Swiss Army knife in your pocket. Just as a Swiss Army knife has a tool for every situation, we have a digital solution for every business challenge. Whether you're a growing startup or a well-established enterprise, we've got the perfect tool to carve your path to success.

We prioritize quality work that meets industry standards, ensuring top-notch service from our experienced team of software developers. Our developers possess a variety of technical skills, including expertise in Laravel, React, React Native, Next.js, Alpine.js, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Statamic, FilamentPHP, PHPUnit, and Cypress.

Building based on trust

Exceptional business relationships shouldn’t be the luck of the draw. We really work to earn your trust, meet your needs, and become part of your team – the Bruce Banner to your Captain America, if you will (without all the smashing).

Speaking of team-ups, here’s a lovely little thing Taylor Otwell – the creator of Laravel – said about us:

School’s always in session

We’re committed to collaborating and passing on skills, both in-house and beyond the business. From dedicated support time to open-access tutorials and hackathons for young devs, we want to share our expertise and encourage best practice.

We also strive to be part of technological progress by contributing our time to improve the tools we love. Our awesome Statamic starter kits, Laravel Breeze package, and open-source Next.js boilerplate are just a few examples of our efforts in action.

The best is yet to come

Before we show up, we drop our egos at day-care. We know there’s always room for improvement, tech to sink our teeth into, and a high bar to leap over. We value client feedback and expertise beyond our own. And we can’t wait for whatever’s next.

Our Lucky Leaders

Lucky Media, a digital agency based in Dallas, TX, is owned and run by brothers Arlind and Lokman Musliu. They’re a contrasting partnership one creative risk-taker, the other cautious problem-solver the perfect blend of innovation, logic, smarts, and passion.

Lokman, a programmer since he was old enough to wield a mouse, started Lucky Media in 2014. After completing his master’s degree in Sweden, math prodigy Arlind joined the team. Soon international companies were reaching out and reaping the rewards of both their skill sets.

What started as a small family business has since grown into a thriving digital agency. But the core values have remained the same (see above!). We’ve also never lost that family feeling, which is hard to do when your brother keeps elbowing you in the ribs.