About us


The story of
two brothers

It all begins in Gostivar, a small city of the old European continent. In a land where many empires have left their mark, with ancient history and wonderful people. Raised in a society where family matters and social values are always more important than individual greed. Arlind is the elder brother, known for a cautious personality that overthinks every step. Lokman is the spoiled younger sibling, a risk-taker who wants to grab every opportunity.

Such a combination of brothers is not commonly found. It’s much like the movie “Twins” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. We certainly aren’t the same and have no similar facial features at all. One of us is more of a party guy, has many friends and loves adventurous sports. The other is more religious, has a few friends and loves to meditate. While Lokman loves innovation and creative designs, Arlind is a math genius that loves solving problems and dealing with management. That’s why we perfectly complement each other and decided to establish a family business. Ok, we admit it, our parents still can’t believe that we are such successful partners.

It’s no surprise that the risk-taker is the one that decided to start a business. Since high school, Lokman was known as the “computer hacker” that could do anything related to computers. He designed and built a touch table that used a projector device. He never worried about school grades and always worked extra hours on what he loved most, programming. He started working as a freelancer back in 2010, but the company was only officially registered in 2013.

Meanwhile, Arlind was winning first places in math and other science competitions. He believed that failure is not an option and only the highest grades are acceptable. Arlind finished his bachelor studies as the Valedictorian of his generation with a perfect GPA. After successfully finishing his master studies in a Swedish University, he decided to join Lokman’s adventure in starting Lucky Media, a successful family business.


It all started as a local company dealing with small businesses and providing innovative services and products. It wasn’t long enough before international clients found out about us and our success skyrocketed. Today, we are proud to be a leading digital agency. Our clients are from different industries, countries and with specific needs. We treat each client with great care and respect. We believe that the “one-size-fits-all” approach is never beneficial for the client in the long run, that’s why we provide tailored solutions. We would rather lose money than the trust and satisfaction of our clients. It’s no wonder that our best marketing strategy is the praise of our clients and the quality of our services.

Moreover, it’s not just us being brothers the reason we call it a family business. We try hard to instill a family atmosphere among our employees and treat them as family members. Our mission is to ensure equal opportunities for all members and encourage diversity in our business concept. We inspire them to be creative, open minded and not to hesitate to join a discussion. Our concept of work is continuously improved by the feedback of our members. It’s no wonder that our internship positions are always full of enthusiastic young programmers, who become fully capable of being easily employed in the industry. We are proud to share our experience and know-how with the younger generations. We believe that we owe it to the progress of technology and the prosperity of the society.