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Always use protection

When an intern accidentally broke a small project using the wrong command, we learned a valuable lesson – GitHub protection rules are really, really useful.

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Go-kart or go home

On a team go-karting trip, everyone was keen to show off their driving skills. But we were all left eating Lokman’s dust – of course he’d researched a few tricks before the race!

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The Dark Knight

Everyone has their computer set-up preferences, and Fani loves his screen on the lowest brightness setting. We affectionately call him Batman.

CS GO Team

On the attack

Most of us are big fans of Counter Strike – we even play together as a team. So if our quieter crew gets angry, it’s probably because they’ve lost a game.

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“I'd rather be full than hungry”
-Isni the Wise

Isni is also known as the Wise Man because he’s always quoting famous sayings and sharing very smart-sounding things.

Dish Ninja

In the office, Lindiar's dish-cleaning reflex is lightning fast - it's as if he has a built-in dishwasher!  And just to dispel any rumors, it's not because he's the designated kitchen guru at home!

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Slow progress prank

When newbies start, we play a prank to test their resolve. We set them up on a computer and install trick software that displays the operating system update screen. When the progress bar exceeds 100%, they start to look very confused.

Letting loose at lunchtime

Frontend developer Tony had a family wedding coming up, but no dancefloor game to speak of. So we turned the volume up on our lunch breaks and taught him a few moves.

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Art by name, arty by nature

The first designer we took on was called Art. Art was doing art – it doesn’t get more meant-to-be than that.

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The issue that shall not be named

Once Isni opened a GitHub issue but forgot to provide any details before switching to another project. Without that information, it was almost impossible for someone else to fix the problem. We kept it open as a longstanding joke and useful reminder of what not to do!

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