Cloud - a starter kit for Statamic

Cloud - a starter kit for Statamic

Published:September 10, 2021

Updated: April 5, 2023

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☁️ Cloud

Cloud is the Statamic Starter Kit that you need. It's perfect for creating a personal website, a Saas or even a blog. You can build your website on the fly in just a few minutes. Add your logo, choose your preferred design components and write some content. That's it, as simple as that.

Install it now at Statamic Marketplace , check the DEMO, or view the VIDEO.

Why Cloud?

We have tried to make it entirely dynamic so that you don't have to make any changes to the code. Your website can be built and modified entirely from the control panel, but you are also free to make further modifications. We have included more than 30 component designs that can be combined to deliver a professional-looking website. We have thoroughly tested all the components and other design elements to make sure that they adapt to the different screen sizes. Plus, if you do change the primary colors then you can make even more combinations and your websites will look amazing.

Features of Cloud

  • More than 30 component designs
  • Easy customizable with Tailwind
  • Component-driven approach, ready-made antlers components for Buttons, Headings, etc.
  • Working page builder to build the entire website from CP.
  • Working Contact Form with all the fields styled ( text, textarea, asset, radio, checkbox etc )
  • SEO optimized
  • Favicon's and Sitemap's configuration
  • Main Navigation and Footer Navigation
  • Taxonomies for Posts Categories.
  • Super fast loading time
  • All Images are optimized with Glide.
  • Unicons used as Icons
  • Single or Multiple Authors
  • Breakpoint debugger plugin for Tailwind
  • Tailwind Typography and Forms
  • Custom flex-gap property used for gap to support all browsers.
  • Alpine.js used for interactions


After installing Cloud, you will see that we have preconfigured some pages and posts, just so it doesn't feel empty for you. But, you can easily delete or modify everything that we did. The Starter Kit has the following collections: Pages and Posts.

Apart from these, you have many ready-made components that can be used for creating your website. Each component has about 2-5 different variants of design that you can choose from. We have designed the following components:

  • Here Section (4 sets)
  • Call To Action (5 sets)
  • Logo Cloud (5 sets)
  • Features Section (4 sets)
  • Section with Image (2 sets)
  • Testimonials (4 sets)
  • Blog Section (3 sets)
  • Contact Form (3 sets)
  • Single Post View
  • Standard Text


The design of Cloud is done entirely with TailwindCSS. We have added many different colors on the Tailwind Config file and you can change the primary colors to make a different color combination for your website.

  • Configuration of TailwindCSS
    • We use JIT Mode by default.
    • Edit the config tailwind.config.js
    • Font Family - default is sans: Mulish.
    • Colors - different nuances of gray, blue-gray, indigo, purple and pink are already included.


Cloud was brought to you by the lovely team at Lucky Media, we are a digital agency focused on professional, innovative, user-oriented web design & development.

You can check the README on the repo for more information.

Last but not least thanks to the creators/contributors of the following packages which made Cloud a reality:

  • Statamic CMS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Alpine.js
  • SEOtamic

We also offer an HTML version as a standalone HTML Template. Check it here.

Do you have a Statamic project in mind? Learn more about our expertise in Statamic development.

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