Laravel 11 for Beginners: Authentication and Authorization

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January 9, 2024 · 3 min read

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We're excited to announce that we have updated all of our blog post examples to reflect the new Laravel 11 version! Our previous examples were based on Laravel 10, but with the release of Laravel 11, we wanted to ensure that our readers have access to the most up-to-date information and examples.

Easy Authentication in Laravel

Laravel, known for its elegant syntax and robust features, simplifies the authentication process with built-in scaffolding options. From basic login systems to advanced features, let's explore how Laravel caters to authentication needs with tools like Laravel Breeze, Jetstream, and Fortify. We're continuing our journey of Learning Laravel by creating a blog as an example. We need to make sure that only authorized users can post content.

Laravel Breeze

For those looking for a minimal yet robust starting point for authentication, Laravel Breeze offers a simple implementation using Blade templates and Tailwind CSS. It provides a lightweight option for developers who prefer to stick with traditional server-side rendered applications.

To install Breeze, use the following commands:

composer require laravel/breeze --dev
php artisan breeze:install
npm install
npm run dev

Breeze sets up the routes, views, and controllers needed for registration, login, password reset, and email verification. It's a perfect choice for those new to Laravel or those who want a clean, simple authentication system that can be easily customized.

Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a more advanced, application scaffolding designed to replace the legacy Laravel UI. It provides a robust starting point for building a Laravel application with user authentication, two-factor authentication, session management, API support via Laravel Sanctum, and optional team management.

Jetstream uses Livewire or Inertia.js under the hood, giving you the choice between server-side rendering or a modern JavaScript-driven approach.

To get started with Jetstream, run the following commands:

composer require laravel/jetstream
php artisan jetstream:install inertia
npm install npm run dev

Replace inertia with livewire if you prefer to use Livewire.

Laravel Fortify

For developers who need more control over the frontend of their application, Laravel Fortify offers a backend implementation of login, registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, and password reset features.

Fortify is a headless authentication backend that works seamlessly with your custom or existing frontend. It handles the complex, security-related aspects of authentication, allowing you to focus on the user interface.

To use Fortify, you can install it via Composer:

composer require laravel/fortify
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Laravel\Fortify\FortifyServiceProvider"

After publishing Fortify's resources, you can configure the features you want in the config/fortify.php file.


Laravel provides a rich set of tools for implementing authentication, each tailored to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a simple, all-inclusive solution like Breeze, a more advanced setup with Jetstream, or a backend-focused approach with Fortify, Laravel has you covered.

For beginners, starting with Laravel Breeze is recommended as it offers an easy-to-understand and manageable authentication system. As you grow more comfortable with Laravel and its offerings, you can explore Jetstream and Fortify to find the perfect fit for your blog's authentication requirements.

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