Our Rebrand Story and 10-Year Anniversary

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May 21, 2024 · 5 min read · 119 views

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Celebrating a Decade of Success

What started as a big dream to create awesome software that people would love has become a successful business. Lucky Media, a leading Software Development Agency based in Dallas, TX, is celebrating its 10th birthday with a cool new look that shows off our energy and where we're headed.

Our journey over the past decade has been filled with ups and downs, laughter and learning experiences. From go-karting trips where our team members showcased their driving skills to teaching some dance moves during lunch breaks, each event has shaped us into the company we are today. Walk down memory lane and look at our timeline of funny moments and wonderful memories at Lucky Media.

As we move forward, our new brand reflects our commitment to creating tailor-made digital solutions for each client. We believe in starting from scratch, using the right tools, and customizing them to make our clients stand out online.

Celebrating 10 years


We wanted our new logo to reflect our evolution as a company while staying true to our core values. After brainstorming and collaboration, we decided on a design that captures our playful and friendly personality, with a modern and confident twist. It's a fresh look representing who we are today and where we're headed.

A road with two options

Over the past 10 years, Lucky Media has seen some big changes. We've evolved a lot, but this year we felt like we where not aligned visually with our core values. We want to be known as “Your friendly neighborhood expert that whistles while working”. That's why we're stepping in to give our visual identity a makeover. We want our look to reflect who we are: approachable, knowledgeable, and always happy to help.

First sketches of the logo

From Logomark to Logotype

To simplify even more we started sketching with the idea that we will get rid of the logomark. We tried to create just a logotype that reflects the values of the company. Despite embarking on this idea, there was a fundamental disconnect between the companies true values.
It was an idea influenced by what's popular nowadays, giving up our true selves in the process.

brainstorming progress

To really understand ourselves, we looked at what matters most to everyone in our team. Turns out, most of us are just a bunch of nerds who love playing games. This idea fits perfectly with what our company stands for, so we decided to create a logo that shows both our professional side and our nerdy interests.
This is where the final idea came from, which we would call it "Everything in between".

Journey of the creative process to the final logo
Final logo

Choosing the Right Typography

We thought about improving our old logo, which had 'L' and 'M' for Lucky Media. We tried out lots of different designs, aiming for something just right. Eventually, we stumbled upon this one shape that felt like a jackpot – it wasn't just the letters 'L' and 'M', but they blended together in a way that formed something special. It looked like a curved screen, capturing both the fun of gaming and the tech side of coding perfectly.

Typography and brand identity elements

Why Lexend?

We know typography is key to our brand. That's why we picked Lexend Typeface carefully. Besides reflecting our tech-focused field, the chosen typeface, Lexend, isn't just about appearance. It's an open-type font designed to make reading easier and less tiring. Originally created with dyslexic and struggling readers in mind, Lexend aims to be clear and straightforward for everyone to read. It's not just a font choice—it's a way for us to show we're inclusive and want everyone to enjoy our content without any trouble.

Visual Identity of Lucky Media

A Fresh New Color Palette

After getting feedback from our customers that our brand felt a bit too dark-coloured and serious, we knew it was time for a change. So, we brought in a fresh new blue color that aligns better with what we're all about. Our goal is to come across as more friendly and approachable, and this blue gives our brand a whole new vibe, making it feel fresh and inviting.

To make sure our new blue really stands out, we kept black and white as part of our color palette. These classic colors help to make our signature blue more noticable, giving it that extra pop and making sure it catches people's attention in just the right way.

Blue is the new Black


As a software development agency, Lucky Media has come a long way since its inception. What's awesome about our new visual identity is that it's both recognizable and lively. It's like saying, "Hey, remember us?" while also showing off our fresh style. It's all about honoring where we came from as a dedicated software development team while stepping boldly into the future with a renewed commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech industry.

Get Lucky now, the ideal choice for Software Development!

Arlind Musliu Portrait
Arlind Musliu

Cofounder and CFO of Lucky Media


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