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April 24, 2023 · 3 min read · 821 views

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For developers navigating the Laravel framework, scaffoldings and boilerplates are not just helpful; they're a cornerstone for efficient project initiation. Recognizing this need, Lucky Media introduces the Reactor package—a powerhouse of advanced scaffolding and frontend tooling designed to turbocharge your Laravel applications. In this blog post, we'll dive into the rich feature set of Reactor, and guide you through its seamless integration with your Laravel projects.

Why Choose Reactor for Your Laravel Projects?

Laravel Breeze serves as a starting point with its minimal boilerplate. However, Reactor takes your development environment to the next level. It's an opinionated package that delivers a sophisticated frontend setup and ensures a pristine and uniform codebase. Reactor streamlines your workflow with pre-configured ESLint and Prettier settings for consistent code formatting, enforces code standards with Husky hooks, and incorporates a Laravel Pint-based GitHub Workflow. Moreover, it boasts a suite of pre-designed frontend components, drawing inspiration from shadcn/ui, that prioritize both composability and ease of customization.

Reactor's Feature Set

  • Authentication: Reactor includes a robust authentication system, ready to secure your applications right out of the box. (Forked from Laravel Breeze).

  • Pest for Laravel: Simplify your testing with the inclusion of Pest—a delightful testing framework for Laravel.

  • PHP IDE Helper: Enhance your development environment with better IDE support, offering streamlined auto-completion and more.

  • Inertia.js with React: Leverage Inertia.js paired with React to create a smooth, single-page application feel.

  • Code Quality Tools: Pre-configured ESLint, Prettier, and Husky ensure your code is clean, consistent, and adheres to best practices.

  • GitHub Workflow: A ready-to-go workflow that utilizes Laravel Pint helps maintain your codebase's integrity.

  • Frontend Components: Benefit from opinionated, customizable frontend components inspired by shadcn/ui.

  • Radix UI: Utilize Radix UI's headless components for ultimate UI flexibility.

  • Sonner & Lucide React: Integrate seamless toast notifications and crisp iconography with Sonner and Lucide React.


Before you begin, confirm that you have Laravel 9+, Composer, and Node.js 16+ installed.

Install the Reactor package with Composer:

composer require lucky-media/reactor

Run the installation command:

php artisan reactor:install

Perform the frontend build process:

npm run dev


Review our documentation on the GitHub repo for more information.

Support and Security Vulnerabilities

For any issues or suggestions, open an issue on the Reactor GitHub repository. If you encounter security vulnerabilities in Reactor, please email Lucky Media at [email protected].


Reactor for Laravel is more than just a package—it's a catalyst for productivity and a testament to a well-architected setup. It's designed to refine your development process, equipping you with an array of robust tools and a highly opinionated environment to elevate your Laravel applications. With straightforward installation and extensive documentation, Reactor stands as an indispensable resource for developers seeking a strong foundation for their projects.

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