Simplify Your Development Experience with Reactor for Laravel

Simplify Your Development Experience with Reactor for Laravel

Published:April 24, 2023

Updated: April 24, 2023

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If you're a developer working with Laravel, you might sometimes find scaffoldings and boilerplates vastly essential in your workflow. Lucky Media's Reactor package brings advanced scaffolding and frontend tooling for your Laravel applications, significantly reducing the time spent on setting up base configurations. This blog post will explore the various features offered by Reactor and explain how to set it up and use it with your Laravel applications.

Why Reactor?

While Laravel Breeze already provides a minimal boilerplate, Reactor goes beyond by offering a highly opinionated and advanced frontend setup. The package promotes a clean and consistent codebase by providing pre-configured ESLint and Prettier configurations, automatic code formatting, and linting using Husky hooks, and a Laravel Pint-based GitHub Workflow. Reactor also includes pre-built frontend components inspired by shadcn/ui that focus on composability and customization.


Reactor comes with a built-in authentication system (Forked from Laravel Breeze).

Pest for Laravel
The package includes Pest for Laravel for easier testing.

PHP Ide Helper
Provides improved IDE integration with smooth auto-completion and other features.

Inertia.js with React
Built on top of Inertia.js with React, the package enables a seamless spa-like experience.

ESLint, Prettier, and Husky
Reactor is pre-configured with proper code formatting and linting, ensuring consistency and clean code.

GitHub Workflow with Laravel Pint
The package includes a pre-configured workflow that leverages Laravel Pint to maintain a clean codebase.

Frontend components
Opinionated and highly customizable frontend components inspired by `shadcn/ui` are included.

Radix UI headless components
Reactor uses Radix UI headless components for greater flexibility in building user interfaces.

Sonner for Toast notifications and Lucide React for icons
The package integrates these tools to offer a consistent and customizable frontend experience.


To install Reactor for Laravel, ensure you have the following prerequisites: Laravel 9+, Composer, and Node.js 16+. Then, follow these steps:

Install the Reactor package with Composer:

composer require lucky-media/reactor

Run the installation command:

php artisan reactor:install

Perform the frontend build process:

npm run dev


Review our documentation on the GitHub repo for more information.

Support and Security Vulnerabilities

For any issues or suggestions, open an issue on the Reactor GitHub repository. If you encounter security vulnerabilities in Reactor, please email Lucky Media at


Reactor for Laravel simplifies and streamlines your development process, offering robust features, tooling, and a highly opinionated setup to enhance your workflow. With an easy-to-follow installation process and thorough documentation, Reactor is an essential package for those looking to give their Laravel applications a solid foundation.

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