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April 9, 2020 · 4 min read · 528 views

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Our commitment to innovation is stronger than ever, and we're excited to show you the updates we've made to stay leaders in the digital marketing industry. We understand the digital world always changes, so we change too. This makes sure we stay ahead. This updated article shows you the technologies we use at Lucky Media, the ones we stopped using, and why we made these choices.

Who is Lucky Media?

Lucky Media is a software development company based in Dallas, TX, crafting game-changing digital solutions tailored to your business. Our extensive experience spans across startups to enterprise-level organizations, demonstrating our flexibility and commitment to delivering high-quality code. Our passion for technology fuels our recognition as a leading software agency for Laravel, React, Next.js, and we are a Certified Statamic Partner.

Our Mission and Approach

Our goal is to use the newest and most advanced technologies to create solutions that are not only efficient but also consistently surpass our clients' expectations. We understand that each client has unique needs, and we firmly reject a one-size-fits-all approach in our strategies.

Our Success Stories

Our success stories highlight our versatility and innovative spirit:

  • An AI-driven Laravel web app that simplifies email replies for leads, making communication and getting new clients easier.

  • A professional Laravel web app that transforms patient management for a polyclinic with multiple locations, featuring an easy appointment system and better staff teamwork.

  • A React Native mobile app that helps promote a capital city's tourist spots, improving the tourist experience with options for rating tours, giving feedback, making instant bookings and payments, and more.

  • Transformed outdated websites into dynamic, user-friendly platforms, leading to more engagement and better workflow with smooth communication with clients.

Staying Ahead with Technology

In our commitment to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, we are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge. We regularly attend industry-leading conferences, participate in professional events, and engage in educational workshops. Additionally, we keep our finger on the pulse of technological advancements to ensure our services remain fresh, relevant, and aligned with current industry standards.

The Power of Knowledge Sharing

At the core of Lucky Media's philosophy is the belief in the power of knowledge sharing. This principle drives our success and is shown in our community work, like giving free education to many students and building websites for nonprofits at no cost. Our blog reflects our dedication to this cause, offering insights into the technologies we use and why.

Tailoring Technology to Project Needs

Although we are proud of the technologies we use, we recognize that they might not be perfect for every project. Choosing the right technology is a careful process that looks at factors like our clients' needs, their business type, their long-term goals, and their budgets. We aim to explain our approach and the advanced technologies we use to get great results.

Exploring Our Technology Choices

We will take a deep dive into the reasons behind our selection of various technologies, providing clear, straightforward explanations:

Previously used technologies:


We will keep this article updated with the current technologies we use in our daily operations and client projects. We believe it will be a useful guide for those interested in following our best practices and achieving the same impact as we do.

Bring Your Ideas to Life 🚀

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Lucky Media is proud to be recognized as a leading Laravel Development Agency

Arlind Musliu Portrait
Arlind Musliu

Cofounder and CFO of Lucky Media


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