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Published:May 23, 2020

Updated: November 15, 2023

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Blade is a robust templating engine provided by Laravel, a popular PHP framework. While there are numerous PHP templating engines available, such as Twig, Smarty, Dwoo, Volt, Plates, Mustache, and Latte, Blade stands out due to its ability to seamlessly integrate pure PHP code alongside Blade directives. In this article, we delve into the reasons why we prefer Blade and how it can be used with Jigsaw to build dynamic static sites.

Blade: A Game-Changer for Front-End Functionality

Blade offers a unique opportunity to manipulate various functionalities on the front end of your website. If you're familiar with building HTML, CSS, and Javascript websites, you'll appreciate the convenience and efficiency that Blade brings to the table.

Consider a scenario where you have a menu that needs to be repeated across multiple pages. Traditionally, any change to the menu would require updating each page that features the menu. The same goes for footers or any other repeatable sections. Blade, however, simplifies this process by allowing you to create 'partials'.

The Power of Partials

Partials are specific sections that you create once and then call wherever needed. For instance, you can create a 'menu partial' that can be invoked on any page that requires a menu. Similarly, a 'footer partial' can be created for use across various pages. This way, Blade enables you to create a master page with all the core elements in the header or body, which can then be extended when creating new pages.

Simplifying PHP with Blade

If you're using PHP in your front-end code, Blade can simplify and enhance this functionality. Including a variable or an array from your previous URL is straightforward with Blade. You simply include the {{ $my_variable }} and the data will be displayed.

Blade also offers the @foreach directive, allowing you to include as many HTML codes and PHP variables as you want, which can then be closed with @endforeach. This is particularly useful when dealing with forms. Blade can create the route that is predefined in another file, meaning if you decide to change your routes, you only need to do it in one file, not all pages where you have forms. Blade also simplifies many other functions like loops, if-else statements, switches, and more.

Enhancing Security with Blade

Blade also enhances the security of your website. The @csrf directive generates a token that ensures forms can only be sent from your website, thereby protecting against various hacking attempts. While GET and POST are the most common HTTP methods, Laravel also supports PUT, PATCH, DELETE, which can be specified through a Blade directive.

Tailoring JavaScript with Blade

Blade's flexibility extends to the use of JavaScript as well. Not all pages on your website might require JavaScript. With Blade, you can define where you want your JavaScript to be used, either in the body or head of your master layout. Then, on the specific page where you want to place JavaScript, you can use Blade stacks to push the JavaScript code.

In our next post, we will explore the benefits of using Blade with Jigsaw for building powerful static sites. For more insights into our development practices, check out our services and case studies.

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