Why do we use Figma?

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Published:April 24, 2020

Updated: November 15, 2023

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Figma for Professional Design

Figma is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the world of professional design. It offers a platform for teams to design and collaborate simultaneously, making it an essential tool in our digital toolbox at Lucky Media. This article is part of our "Which technologies do we use and why?" series, where we delve into the technologies that we use daily.

Why Choose Figma?

Figma stands out for its versatility and user-friendly interface. It offers various packages to suit different needs, with the free package being an excellent choice for individuals. For teams, however, a paid package is necessary to unlock features that enable team collaboration and more.

Designing with Figma

Figma allows you to design professionally, providing numerous features that are integral to the design process. You can create frames of different sizes according to the output device, be it mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. It even caters to social media design needs, allowing you to create Facebook and Instagram posts or story designs.

The designs can be exported in various formats such as jpg, png, svg, or pdf. Figma also offers the ability to manipulate fonts, colors, layout grids, edit images, and align objects.

In today's mobile-first world, optimizing website dimensions for different screen sizes is crucial. More and more people access websites on smaller screens, making responsive design an essential aspect of modern web development.

Enhancing Figma with Plugins

One of the standout features of Figma is the ability to install and use plugins. These plugins provide extra features that enhance the already robust platform. Here are some of the plugins that we frequently use at Lucky Media:

HTML to Figma

This plugin allows you to transform a web page into a Figma design simply by copying the link. It's a powerful tool that instantly redesigns the website into Figma elements, allowing you to manipulate the design and add new features if needed.


Iconify offers a plethora of free icons for various use cases. You can search for the icons you need using keywords and insert them into your design. As they are all SVG icons, you can resize them without losing any quality.

Image Tracer

Image Tracer is an excellent feature for transforming image objects into vector logos and more. It's great for logo or post design.

Lorem Ipsum

Every designer needs some placeholder text now and then. With the Lorem Ipsum plugin, you can add a specific number of sentences or fill up an entire section with content.

Remove BG

Remove BG is a handy tool that quickly removes the background of your image, providing you with a png photo. This plugin is connected to the www.remove.bg website and performs the same job remotely.


If you need free high-quality photos, the Unsplash plugin connects with the www.unsplash.com website and provides everything you might need.


For those working on designing quick prototypes, the Wireframe plugin offers ready-made wireframe layouts and mockups.

Figma in Our Daily Projects

As a digital agency, we use Figma extensively in our everyday projects. We use it for internal marketing and promotional materials, as well as for client projects such as website designs, web and mobile application designs, branding, and more.

In conclusion, Figma is a versatile and powerful tool that has become an integral part of our design process at Lucky Media. Its collaborative features, coupled with its wide array of plugins, make it an indispensable tool in our digital toolbox.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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