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June 9, 2020 · 3 min read · 118 views

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Streamlining Server Management with Laravel Forge

Navigating the intricacies of server management can be an overwhelming experience for developers, particularly when dealing with the maintenance of production environments. The complexity and the significant investment of time often act as barriers to productivity. Recognizing these challenges, many developers, including our team at Lucky Media, have turned to Laravel Forge for a more streamlined server management experience. Here's why we think Laravel Forge stands out as a server management tool.

Effortless Server Management with Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge promises to transform the often nightmarish task of server management into a manageable, even enjoyable, part of a developer's workflow. The official Forge website encapsulates this sentiment:

Server management doesn't have to be a nightmare!

Many developers can relate to this statement, having grappled with the complexities of server management themselves. The process can be fraught with potential errors and typically demands a lot of attention.

Laravel Forge, a premium service that offers a selection of three tailored packages, provides a streamlined solution to these challenges. Its primary aim is to simplify server management, freeing developers to dedicate their time and energy to what they do best: coding and developing innovative applications.

Accelerated Deployment with Laravel Forge

A standout advantage of using Laravel Forge is the ease and speed with which it enables application deployment across a variety of servers. Whether you're working with popular cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, or others, Forge integrates with your account and manages the deployment process through its intuitive platform.

Deployment is not only simplified but expedited, often completed within mere minutes. This rapid deployment means developers can allocate more time to their primary responsibilities, such as writing code and creating groundbreaking apps, instead of getting bogged down by server management details.

Furthermore, the Forge dashboard is designed to be user-friendly while providing a comprehensive suite of functionalities necessary for proficient server management.

Seamless GitHub Integration

As our previous post on static sites with Netlify highlighted, integration with version control systems like GitHub is crucial. Forge leverages a similar approach, enabling developers to maintain their code repositories on GitHub.

With a simple push to the master branch, Forge initiates the deployment process automatically. This integration removes the need for manual deployment efforts, allowing developers to focus on their development work while Forge handles the deployment.

Rich Feature Set for Production Environments

Forge's appeal extends beyond simplifying server management and deployment; it also boasts a rich array of features crucial for a production environment.

Upon setup, Forge installs essential services such as Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and more, ensuring you're equipped with the latest versions and tools necessary for your projects.

An added benefit is the provision of free SSL Certificates by Forge, which enhances the security of your applications without additional cost or effort.


In essence, Laravel Forge represents a powerful ally for developers, streamlining the server management process and making it more accessible. Its user-friendly interface, rapid deployment capabilities, seamless GitHub integration, and extensive feature set solidify its position as a top choice for our team at Lucky Media.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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