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April 17, 2020 · 3 min read · 138 views

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At Lucky Media, we know how important it is to use the right tools to make software development efficient and effective. That's why we trust GitHub, a popular platform that makes it easier for developers to work together and control different versions using Git. In this part of our series "Which technologies do we use and why?", we'll talk about why we chose GitHub and how it helps our work.

Understanding GitHub and Git

GitHub is a cloud-based service that hosts software development projects. It uses the power of Git, a system that lets developers keep track of file changes and work together on any size project, making sure every change is recorded accurately. Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2018, GitHub's prominence in the software development community has only grown.

GitHub adds to Git's features by offering a central place for code and the complete history of changes. This is very helpful for teams because it supports working together and helps organize tasks. With branching, developers can try out new ideas and add new features without messing up the main code, and the issue-tracking system keeps the code quality high and fixes problems fast.

How We Use GitHub at Lucky Media

Our team at Lucky Media relies on GitHub for different projects, including web and mobile app development. Our GitHub profile, github.com/lucky-media, hosts our projects, and we keep most private to protect our clients. But we also share some of our open-source work with everyone.

We use private repositories for client work that needs to be kept secret. Clients own these and decide if they want to share their code. We like to share knowledge, so we make some open-source projects available to help developers everywhere.

Team Collaboration with GitHub

GitHub is key to how our developers work together. Each person on our team connects to our company account and has access to the projects they are working on. This makes sure all developers can work well together, with minimum code conflicts.

Our developers at Lucky Media use GitHub's version control to add their code changes, making sure to explain and document each update. When a feature is ready and tested, it moves from its own branch to the main codebase. Our project managers carefully check everything before this happens. This careful way of working lets us keep a detailed record of who did what, which is important for good teamwork and project success.

Project Management with GitHub

GitHub is not only for version control but also a great tool for managing projects. We're still learning all it can do, but so far, it helps us organize tasks, track progress, and automate our work. As we use these features more, we'll share what we learn about how they help us get more done.


GitHub makes it easier to work on coding projects together, and it's an important part of how we build software. It helps our team do better work and give our clients the best service.

This article is part of our ongoing series, "Which technologies do we use and why?", where we explain the technologies that we use on a daily basis and the reasons behind our choices.

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