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April 17, 2020 · 4 min read · 135 views

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At Lucky Media, we understand the importance of using the right tools to facilitate efficient and effective software development. That's why we've put our trust in GitHub, a widely acclaimed platform that streamlines collaboration and version control for developers using Git. In this installment of our "Which technologies do we use and why?" series, we'll explore the reasons behind our choice and how GitHub enhances our workflow.

Understanding GitHub and Git

GitHub is a cloud-based service that hosts software development projects, leveraging the power of Git, a distributed version control system. Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2018, GitHub's prominence in the software development community has only grown. Git enables developers to track changes in files and collaborate on projects of any scale, ensuring that every modification is recorded with precision.

GitHub builds upon Git's capabilities by providing a centralized location for code, along with the complete history of modifications made. This is crucial for teams, as it fosters collaboration and assists in organizing tasks. Features such as branching allow developers to experiment with new ideas and implement features without disrupting the main codebase, while the issue tracking system helps maintain high code quality and address problems efficiently.

How We Use GitHub at Lucky Media

Our team at Lucky Media relies on GitHub for various projects, including web and mobile app development. Our GitHub profile, github.com/lucky-media, hosts our projects, with most kept private to protect client confidentiality. Nevertheless, we contribute to the developer community by sharing some of our open-source work publicly.

Private repositories are typically used for client-specific code that requires privacy. Clients have full ownership of these solutions and decide if their code should be open to the public. Our commitment to sharing knowledge is reflected in the open-source projects we've made available, offering a treasure trove of resources for developers everywhere.

Team Collaboration with GitHub

GitHub is integral to how our developers collaborate. Each team member is connected to our company account with access to only the projects they're working on. This ensures a seamless workflow, with developers able to contribute to different aspects of a project without conflict.

Our developers at Lucky Media utilize GitHub's robust version control to commit their code changes, ensuring each update is clearly explained and documented. When a feature is fully developed and tested, it's moved from its separate branch to the master branch, which is the main codebase. Before this merge occurs, our project managers meticulously review the branches to confirm that everything is in order. This methodical approach allows us to maintain a detailed record of all contributions, attributing each change to the appropriate developer. This level of precision fosters a culture of accountability and transparency, which is essential for successful team collaboration and project outcomes.

Project Management with GitHub

GitHub isn't just for version control—it's also a powerful project management tool. While we're still exploring its full potential, GitHub's project management capabilities include organizing tasks, tracking progress, and automating workflows. As we integrate these features more deeply into our processes, we'll share insights on their impact on our productivity.

In conclusion, GitHub simplifies the complexities of collaborative coding, making it a vital component of our development strategy. Its contributions to our team's performance are undeniable, enabling us to deliver top-tier services to our clients.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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