Why do we use Laragon?

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As part of our commitment to providing an optimized development workflow, we've made a strategic decision to transition our entire team to macOS. This move allows us to standardize our environment and take full advantage of the benefits offered by Laravel Valet. With its minimalistic yet highly efficient approach, Valet serves as a perfect fit for our macOS-based team, delivering exceptional performance with its lightweight resource usage.

While we previously advocated for Laragon and have appreciated its capabilities, we've since transitioned to other solutions that better align with our evolving needs. In the spirit of transparency and continual learning amidst the ever-changing tech landscape, we have opted to retain this article in our blog's history. It serves as a reflection of our growth and adaptability.

By unifying our team on macOS, we ensure that everyone can leverage Valet's seamless integration with the operating system, enabling us to maintain a consistent and streamlined development process. This uniformity across our team's setups helps to eliminate discrepancies and simplifies collaboration, as every member has access to the same suite of tools and features that Valet provides. The result is a more cohesive and productive development experience that aligns with our goals of efficiency and excellence.

At Lucky Media, we're all about efficiency and performance. That's why we use Laragon, a fast, powerful, and lightweight local development environment. Whether we're working on a Laravel project or setting up a PHP site, Laragon is our go-to tool. We're dedicated to equipping our developers with the most efficient and powerful tools in the industry. That's where Laragon comes into play—a sophisticated, yet user-friendly local development environment that turbocharges our workflow.

Why Laragon Outshines the Competition

Laragon is a cut above other local servers, such as XAMPP, WAMP, Docker, Vagrant, and Homestead, due to its exceptional performance and wide array of features. It's astoundingly efficient, with a memory footprint of less than 4MB RAM while active. This minimal resource consumption means developers can work on multiple projects simultaneously without a hitch, ensuring that system performance remains robust and responsive.

Simplicity and Portability

Ease of use is at the core of Laragon's design philosophy. With just a few clicks, developers can spin up a new project. Launch Laragon, navigate to Menu -> Quick App, and select your desired platform—be it WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, Laravel, CakePHP, or Symfony. In mere moments, you're ready to dive into development, bypassing the tedious setup processes that can bog down productivity.

A Versatile Suite for Diverse Development Needs

Laragon isn't exclusive to PHP aficionados. It extends its capabilities to support development in Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and Ruby, offering a comprehensive environment for developers of all stripes. This adaptability is invaluable in a field that demands versatility and the ability to pivot between various programming languages with ease.

Streamlined Database Management at Your Fingertips

With Laragon, database management is a breeze. It comes equipped with integrated databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Accessing and manipulating your database is straightforward—hit the Database button, and you're in control. This seamless integration eliminates the need for additional tools and simplifies the development process, making it faster and more efficient.

Why We Chose Laragon

At Lucky Media, we're committed to delivering high-quality, efficient solutions. That's why we choose tools like Laragon that align with our commitment to efficiency and performance. Whether we're working on website development, web application development, or mobile apps development, Laragon is a key part of our toolkit.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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