Why do we use Laragon?

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Published:June 1, 2020

Updated: November 15, 2023

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At Lucky Media, we're all about efficiency and performance. That's why we use Laragon, a fast, powerful, and lightweight local development environment. Whether we're working on a Laravel project or setting up a WordPress site, Laragon is our go-to tool.

The Power of Laragon

Laragon stands out from other local servers like Xampp, Wamp, Docker, Vagrant, and Homestead due to its impressive features and performance. It's incredibly lightweight, consuming less than 4MB RAM when running, making it an optimal choice for developers who value system performance.

Easy to Use and Highly Portable

One of the key reasons we prefer Laragon is its ease of use. It's as simple as starting Laragon, navigating to Menu -> Quick App, and selecting the application you want to create. Whether it's WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, Laravel, CakePHP, or Symfony, you can have your application up and running in no time.

Comprehensive Development Environments

Laragon isn't just for PHP developers. It provides development environments for a range of languages including Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and Ruby. This makes it a versatile tool that caters to a wide variety of development needs.

Integrated Database Management

Laragon comes with integrated databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. If you need to access the database, simply use the Database button to open it. You can then manipulate your database directly and save the changes, streamlining the development process.

Why We Choose Laragon

At Lucky Media, we're committed to delivering high-quality, efficient solutions. That's why we choose tools like Laragon that align with our commitment to efficiency and performance. Whether we're working on website development, web application development, or mobile apps development, Laragon is a key part of our toolkit.

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At Lucky Media, we offer a range of services including website development, web application development, and mobile apps development. We specialize in Statamic, React Native, Next.js, AI and ML solutions. We also provide staff augmentation and TALL stack development services.

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