Why do we use React?

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Published:October 19, 2021

Updated: November 15, 2023

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As a forward-thinking digital agency, Lucky Media is always on the pulse of the latest technologies. We understand that the tech landscape is ever-evolving, and we must adapt to stay ahead of the curve. We encourage our team to continuously learn and propose innovative solutions that can enhance our service offerings.

Our Journey from Blade and Vue.js to React

Looking back, our journey began with Blade and Vue.js, both integral parts of the Laravel setup. However, as the digital landscape evolved, so did our technology stack. Today, we have shifted our focus from Blade to more robust frontend frameworks, complemented by the versatile Tailwind CSS. As for Vue.js, we have replaced it with the more powerful React.js.

The Power of React.js

React.js empowers us to build complex user interfaces and reusable components. While we won't delve into the technical details here (you can find them on the official React website), we'd like to highlight our satisfaction with this technology. React.js enables our team to work on diverse functionalities and reuse components without any code conflicts.

One of the challenges we faced with Vue.js was the scarcity of developers proficient in it. Most developers gravitate towards React or Angular as their preferred front-end JavaScript frameworks. This made scaling our team and onboarding new members a time-consuming process.

Embracing React Native for Mobile App Development

Another significant advantage of React.js is React Native, which enables us to create native apps for iOS and Android. We have already leveraged this technology in several mobile app development projects, and the results have been remarkable.

React Native allowed us to utilize our existing React developers to build native apps, significantly reducing the learning curve. It took our developers just a week or two to understand the nuances of React Native, making it an efficient and effective solution for our digital agency.


At Lucky Media, we believe in staying ahead of the technology curve to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Our shift from Vue.js to React.js and React Native is a testament to our commitment to embracing the latest technologies that enhance our efficiency and service quality.

For more insights into our technology choices and how they benefit our clients, explore our case studies and blog.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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At Lucky Media, we offer a range of services including website development, web application development, and mobile apps development. We specialize in Statamic, React Native, Next.js, AI and ML solutions. We also provide staff augmentation and TALL stack development services.

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