Why do we use React?

Why do we use React?

Published: October 19, 2021

Updated: January 31, 2023




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As programmers, it's our duty to constantly update ourselves and the technologies that we use. We know that technologies are quickly changing and we have to adapt or we will be left behind. We at Lucky Media always strive for the latest technologies and we push our employees to feel free to propose new solutions.

If we have a look back, we can see that at first, we started using Blade and Vue.js, as both were in the Laravel setup. But nowadays we hardly use Blade and we focus more on frontend frameworks along with Tailwind CSS, As for Vue.js, we simply don't use it anymore, we have React.js instead.

React gives us the power of building complex user interfaces and reusable components. We won't get into the technical details as they are clearly explained on the official React website. But, we want to mention the fact that we are very satisfied with it. Our team can work on different functionalities and reuse components without having any conflict with their code.

A problem with Vue.js is that it's difficult to find developers that use it, as most of them are focused on React or Angular as front-end JavaScript frameworks. That makes it difficult to scale and it takes time to shift the newcomers toward our setup.

Another very important aspect of React.js is React Native, which allows us to create native apps for iOS and Android. We have already made use of this on a few mobile apps and the results are astonishing. We were able to use the same developers (React) to build native apps. It took about a week or two for our developers to understand the differences in React Native. That's a very efficient and effective solution for a digital agency.

This article is part of the "Which technologies do we use and why?" series where we explain the technologies that we use daily.

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