Why do we use Tailwind CSS and less Bootstrap?

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April 29, 2020 · 3 min read · 644 views

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Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap

Choosing Customization for Unique Web Design

Bootstrap has been the main framework for making responsive, mobile-first websites in web development. Its 12-column grid system made designing easier, but its common use has made many websites look the same. Tailwind CSS is a new option that offers more customization and originality.

The Bootstrap Dilemma

Bootstrap is popular because it's convenient and helps front-end developers make websites fast. Its ready-made components and responsive design are great, but they can make websites look too similar. This has led to talks about needing more variety in web designs.

Tailwind CSS for Advanced Customization

Tailwind CSS is different because it focuses on utilities first. It gives you basic utility classes to make your own designs in HTML. This lets you create a design that's really your own, showing off your brand and ideas.

Tailwind makes developers think more about design and helps make a look that fits the design needs. It's perfect for projects that want a special look, as it lets developers move past the usual layouts.

Installing and Using Tailwind CSS

Starting with Tailwind CSS is easy. You can add it to your project with npm using the command npm install tailwindcss, or try it with Tailwind's CLI tool. Tailwind also has a CDN for quick tests, but installing it locally is better for full customization.

Optimizing Tailwind CSS for Production

Tailwind CSS's initial file size may seem big at first, but with PurgeCSS, which gets rid of CSS you don't use, the final file can be very small. By removing styles that aren't used in your project, the resulting CSS file can be as small as 10kb when compressed. This makes Tailwind a lightweight and fast framework for production environments.

Tailwind CSS in Real-World Applications

At Lucky Media, we've seen how good Tailwind CSS is in our work. Tailwind has greatly boosted our productivity, whether we're making custom websites with Statamic or complex web apps with Laravel. Our designers and developers work well together, and Tailwind's utility classes fit our design needs from Figma.


Even though many developers still use Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS is a new choice for those who want to make unique designs. It meets the need for original, custom-made websites today and lets developers create freely.

This article is part of our ongoing series, "Which technologies do we use and why?", where we explain the technologies that we use on a daily basis and the reasons behind our choices.

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