Why do we use Tailwind CSS and less Bootstrap?

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Published:April 29, 2020

Updated: November 15, 2023

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A Deep Dive

Bootstrap has undeniably revolutionized the way we design websites, offering a robust toolkit for a mobile-first approach. Its grid system has been a game-changer, enabling the creation of layouts of various sizes and shapes through a 12-column approach. However, the overuse of Bootstrap has led to a saturation of similar-looking websites, indicating a need for change. Enter Tailwind CSS, a fresh framework that offers a unique approach to web design.

The Bootstrap Conundrum

Bootstrap is a fantastic tool, and its popularity among front-end developers is a testament to its effectiveness. However, its widespread use for quickly creating responsive websites has resulted in a lack of originality in web design. This is where Tailwind CSS comes in, offering a fresh perspective and a new way to build unique, responsive websites.

Tailwind CSS: A Breath of Fresh Air

Tailwind CSS is a new framework that aims to streamline the process of building web applications. Unlike Bootstrap, which comes with default themes and ready-made UI components, Tailwind does not impose design decisions. While Bootstrap's components can be easily used by simply calling them, Tailwind requires specific codes for each component. This high level of customization allows your design to take any shape you need, without any restrictions.

Tailwind CSS: A Solution for Specific Design Requirements

For freelancers or those developing websites for clients with no exact predefined design, Bootstrap can be a handy tool. However, when there are specific design requirements to be met, Tailwind provides an excellent solution.

Tailwind also offers a CDN, but for full feature access, it's better to install it. You can easily install Tailwind through npm using npm install tailwindcss, or you can try it out using their Tailwind CLI tool for processing the code.

Tailwind CSS: Lightweight and Efficient

According to the Tailwind website, the framework is heavier in its original form compared to other solutions like Bootstrap. However, by using PurgeCSS to remove unnecessary CSS, you can significantly reduce its size, making it one of the lightest frameworks available. The final product of your Tailwind CSS file is a mere 10kb of compressed CSS.

Tailwind CSS in Action

At Lucky Media, we often implement Tailwind CSS when building static websites with Jigsaw or more complex websites using Laravel. Tailwind has greatly improved our efficiency and effectiveness in developing professional websites that are delivered much faster than before. By using the design properties provided through Figma and the utilities of Tailwind, our designers and developers are working in great synchronization.

In conclusion, while Bootstrap remains a powerful tool for web development, the rise of Tailwind CSS offers a refreshing alternative for developers seeking more customization and uniqueness in their designs.

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