Townhouse Brunch

Branding & Website


Specializing in both breakfast and lunch we have given "Brunch" a new meaning. We pride ourselves on using the freshest premium ingredients. Serving tasty takes on American classics such as Oreo Pancakes, Shrimp and Grits, and Fruit Explosion French Toast.
Townhouse Brunch is an innovative breakfast that locals and visitors will love.

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Project Description

A brand new restaurant needs a brand new design. A design that is slick, elegant and effective. The website contains the food menu, social media connection, contact information and a wait-list connected to YELP. The increased popularity of the restaurant has proportionally increased the traffic on the platform and vice versa. The owner is very pleased with the user feedback of the design and usability of the website.

Technology Used

VueJS, Nuxt & Tailwind CSS.

We use VueJS as the framework for building a powerful complex website. Nuxt makes sure that the web application runs smoothly on the server and reduces the overload on the client side. The styling is created with the help of Tailwind CSS.