Why do we use Figma?

Why do we use Figma?

Published: April 24, 2020

Updated: October 5, 2021




Figma is a wonderful tool for creating professional designs. Figma helps teams to design and collaborate at the same time. There are various packages that you can choose, but the free package is great for individuals. For teams though, you will need to choose a paid package that allows team collaboration and other features.

Figma lets you design professionally while providing many features that are necessary for you. You can create frames of different sizes according to the output device. For example, you can choose to design for mobile phones, tablets, PC’s. You can even do Facebook, Instagram posts or story designs. The designs can be exported as jpg, png, svg or pdf. You can manipulate with fonts, colors, layout grids, editing images, aligning objects etc.

The second best thing about Figma is the ability to install and use plugins. These plugins give you extra features that simplify and enforce the already amazing platform. Some of the plugins that we usually use are:

HTML to Figma

  • You can transform a web page into a figma design simply by copying the link and voila. This amazing plugin is very powerful because it instantly redesigns the website into figma elements. Then, you can manipulate the design and add new features if needed.


  • This plugin offers a ton of free icons for various use cases. Feel free to use keywords that match your needs and search the icons you need. After inserting them to your design, you can easily manipulate them. They are all svg icons so you can resize them as much as you want without losing any quality.

Image tracer

  • This great “adobe illustrator” like feature is awesome for transforming image objects into vector logos and much more. Great for logo or post design.

Lorem Ipsum

  • We all need some lorem ipsum text every now and then. You can choose to add a specific number of sentences, or fill up an entire section with content.

Remove BG

  • If you haven’t heard about the free online tool that quickly removes the background out of your image and gives you a png photo, then you must test it immediately. This plugin is connected with the www.remove.bg website and it does the same job remotely.


  • We have seen websites that contain only icons and colors, but no images. However, that will not always be the case. Thus, if you need free high quality photos, this tool connects with the www.unsplash.com website and it provides everything you might need.


  • If you are working on designing quick prototypes, this plugin offers you some ready made wireframe layouts and mockups that you can use.

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