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Discover how our partnership with Chillidog Software revolutionized their website, combining a complete redesign, upgraded technologies, and enhanced performance to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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The challenge

Rejuvenating Chillidog Software's web presence required more than just a simple design refresh. Being rooted in an older version of Statamic and with a divided CMS, updates were cumbersome, slowing down business operations. Not only were the aesthetics outdated but the user journey was also convoluted and failed to effectively communicate the portfolio of digital products.

The Solution

We embarked on a total redesign, paying keen attention to modern aesthetics and user interaction best practices. This included upgrading to Statamic 4 and Simple Commerce v5, crafting an efficient checkout process, integrating upsells and bundles, and centralizing the site’s Blog and Help sections for streamlined content management.

The game plan

  • Website redesign with modern, approachable aesthetics

  • Upgrade from Statamic 3.x to 4.x and Simple Commerce 2.0 to v5

  • Integrated clever product upsells and bundles to increase profit margins

  • Merged the separate Help and Blog sites into the main site for streamlined content management

The client

Chillidog Software is a software suite provider with a portfolio of digital products catering to the needs of businesses in various industries. Their products encompass different task management tools and digital solutions designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in modern working environments.


Performance score from Google Lighthouse


Revenue boost


Sites Merged


Content blocks introduced

The results

The result was a clean, modern, and user-friendly site that excited both the Chillidog Software team and its users. It seamlessly merged three sites into one, significantly reducing the time spent on content management and maintenance while improving the user journey for visitors.

Through a strategic implementation of upsells and bundling, we enhanced the potential for revenue generation for Chillidog Software. This, in combination with a swift and simple checkout process, has led to a significant boost in the client's profits.

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Before and After: Landing Page

chillidog software hero after
Landing Page Before

The timeline

The project involved bringing together multiple elements to create a harmonized platform. We started with cementing the requirements and understanding the client’s aspirations for the product. The process unfolded over several phases, including design, development, staging, and testing. Each step was meticulously executed to deliver a result that lived up to the expectations of Chillidog Software.

Technology stack

Sleek Checkout and Upselling

Upgrading to Statamic 4 and Simple Commerce v5, we forged a sleek and swift checkout process that empowers conversions. We incorporated smart upselling and bundling, presenting users with product recommendations based on their cart contents. This strategic approach not only enhanced the user journey but also created a platform for intensified revenue generation for Chillidog Software.

Before and After: About us

chillidog software about after page
About Page Before

From Three to One: Streamlined Control and Cost Savings

By leveraging the power of Statamic v4, we seamlessly consolidated three separate websites - a help site, a blog site, and the main site - into one cohesive platform for Chillidog Software. This unified approach empowers their editors with centralized control over content, significantly reducing costs and streamlining maintenance. Now, instead of managing three distinct websites, they can focus on a single, intuitive platform, ensuring greater efficiency and improved user experiences.

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Maximizing Potential with Statamic v4

Applying our expertise, we seamlessly upgraded Chillidog Software's website from Statamic CMS v3 to v4, ensuring all features function flawlessly. We meticulously followed the update guides for all technologies involved, guaranteeing a secure website with the latest upgrades for optimal performance. This upgrade not only enhances the website's security and performance but also elevates the overall user experience. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements ensures that Chillidog Software remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Best Practices



Embracing the Ever-Advancing Technological Landscape

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, where Google's requirements become more stringent, we refuse to cut corners or settle for anything less than exceptional quality. We leverage tools like Google Lighthouse to meticulously analyze websites, make improvements, and ensure elevated rankings and optimal performance. For Chillidog Software's website, our dedication paid off with the highest performance score possible, placing it among the industry's elite.

Lucky Media is an outstanding group to collaborate with. They're trustworthy, reliable and passionate about their work. I'd highly recommend them for any organization seeking value and, most importantly, results.

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A Modular Website Solution for Endless Possibilities

At Lucky Media, we understand the importance of adaptability and customization in the ever-changing digital landscape. That's why we created a fully modular website for our client, Chillidog Software. Just like playing with LEGO bricks, the team at Chillidog Software has the freedom to add, modify, reorganize, or remove sections of their website with ease. This means they can tailor their online presence to meet their evolving needs, whether it's creating new pages in the future or sharing new blog posts and instructional materials seamlessly within their content. With our modular approach, Chillidog Software has the power to shape their website exactly how they envision it, ensuring an engaging and dynamic user experience.

Before and After: Products

chillidog software after
Product Page Before

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