Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Our strategy is straightforward: brainstorm, research, develop, results.

We use different brainstorming tactics to provide unique ideas that will increase the impact of your brand on various social media platforms. A thorough research is needed to better understand your business strategy, industry standards, client needs and existing competitors. We develop and produce relevant content that engages with your clients professionally and attracts their interest. You don’t just post because it’s cool, but because you need to communicate with your clients and gain their trust. The more you engage, the more your connection with your clients improves. The results are much better when the content is meaningful, elegant, creative and useful. And don’t worry, we don’t post anything at all without having your full approval on the content (text, image or video).

We have carefully designed 3 different packages that will help our clients to easily make the best choice for them. We understand that our clients have allocated different budgets for marketing and there is no perfect package that fits for all. That’s why besides these 3 packages, we also offer some additional items that you can choose for configuring your own social media package.


$ 300



$ 700



$ 1000


Facebook & Instagram
Posts per week235
Stories per week235
Promo videos per month012
Social Media scheduling
Unique content creation
Content approval
Promoted post management
Competitor Analysis
Analytics Tracking
Monthly report generation

* Need more? We provide extra options if you need more social channels or other services.

Facebook Marketing

Many companies have benefited from using Facebook as a platform for reaching their clients. But, many are failing to get any value out of it. Our team will boost your reach by using the best social media marketing strategies and delivering original content that attracts the interest of your clients. By doing a thorough market research we can utilise promoted posts to target a specific user group that suits your business profile.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is likely the most utilised platform by social media agencies. In contrast to Facebook, this platform requires content that is visually more attractive. Our team creates appealing photos that engage the users and boost your business credibility. The absolute majority of the younger generations learn about new products and services through social media platforms. Before making a purchase decision, they are most likely to check the credibility of the company on social media, their website, feedback from clients, youtube reviews, etc.

Twitter Marketing

Whereas Facebook uses a combination of text and images, Instagram focuses on images and Twitter focuses on text. The platform has a limited number of characters available for posting and it makes it difficult to transform your idea into a small post. Our team specializes in content writing and produces appealing, understandable, original and professional content that fits the requirements of Twitter.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a platform that further increases your chances of gaining new potential clients by promoting your brand. It is based on sharing photos in the form of pinboards. It’s a huge challenge to take advantage of this platform on your own, but our team of marketing experts will carry this task for you and deliver the best content. We will promote your products and services by complying with the requirements of the platform and taking maximum advantage of the benefits that it offers.

LinkedIn Marketing

Not every business needs a LinkedIn profile, which is a professional platform, unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Every post needs to be created specifically for business people and reflect professional vibes. The users of this platform are academics or business professionals that expect to see the best looking and most beneficial content. Not every post is attractive for them because the mindset is totally different from the other platforms.