A healthy dose of digitization

How we prescribed a digital platform to help EuropMedicol automate its workflow, organize its data, and increase patient satisfaction.

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The Challenge

EuropMedicol was struggling to organize its patient information and services across its three locations. It needed a digital platform to help optimize processes and enable the business to scale further in the future.

The solution

We designed and built a complex web application that let medical personnel easily automate their workflow. With better data organization and detailed reporting functionality, it also increased patient satisfaction.

The game plan

  • Provide a detailed outline of the functionalities

  • Implementation using Laravel best practice.

The client

EuropMedicol is a well-known polyclinic in Southeastern Europe. It operates in three different locations, providing high-quality medical services to more than 50,000 patients.







3 in 1

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The results

Since moving everything online, the clinic is three times more efficient than before. Staff can easily find patient records, supporting a more informed and accurate diagnosis, and communication between doctors and nurses is fully automated.

Previously, nurses had to manually search for medical records, print the results, scan the reports, and save them on a hosted solution. We have helped the clinic save 20% of salary costs on nurses alone.

The application was built with Laravel, widely regarded as the most secure and well-maintained PHP framework today. After 3 years, the website has experienced zero downtime.

All three EuropMedicol locations operated individually. The app helped them to unify their data and deal with the issue of having duplicate patient entries. Medical staff has access to patient data from all three locations.

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The timeline

This project involved close communication with the client to understand their daily operations. We created different user stories that helped us visualize the process and provide meaningful insights. Overall, this was a straightforward project because we were predominantly dealing with what we love doing: coding.

Technology stack

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A well-organized process

To help EuropMedicol become more efficient and deliver services more professionally, we created a dashboard, split equally between the three locations. From here, doctors could create patient records and schedule lab tests, and nurses could view doctor requests and enter test results, keeping records up to date. The dashboard also shows when a patient has received treatment and paid for services.

Digitizing patient data

One of EuropMedicol’s biggest challenges was finding and organizing patient records. Nurses had to search for online folders, print the records, bring the documents to the doctor, add new files and file them away. In a busy clinic, this process was prone to manual error.

Once all patient data was digitized, it was as simple as searching the system by the patient’s name or unique PIN. The data was instantly accessible to doctors at all three locations, giving the doctor a clear understanding of the patient’s medical situation.

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From appointment chaos to order

EuropMedicol’s reputation had led to a rise in patient numbers, but it was unable to meet their needs manually. Most patients would schedule an appointment by phone, although some would simply drop by and wait in line. Administrative staff had a very difficult time organizing appointments for the different locations and doctors. We created an organized digital appointment system, which also displayed schedules on a large screen in the waiting room.

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All the data at their fingertips

EuropMedicol wanted insights into how its business was running. Leadership needed to know how locations were performing and which doctors were more efficient – information that’s hard to get quickly from physical documentation.

The new platform provided accurate information about the number of patients, reports, lab tests, and appointments related to each doctor at each location, as well as overall profitability. These statistics helped leadership assess the staffing and service needs of each location, and evaluate employees and reward them appropriately.

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