Revolutionising Lead Generation with AI

AI-powered solution for a startup in the sales/marketing industry to automate lead processing, increase efficiency by 40%, and reduce manual labor by 50%.

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The Challenge

The problem with our client was that they were struggling to handle a high volume of incoming leads through emails. They needed a tailored solution to automatically filter and manage the incoming lead data based on their own standards and salesperson rules.

The Solution

Our plan was to boost their performance by using the power of AI. We agreed to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that would act as a strong base for future improvements. This MVP aimed to automate the entire process of handling new potential customers without costing too much.

The Gameplan

  • Use Laravel with Inertia.js to create an MVP that fits the company's needs

  • Automate reading and filtering of potential customer data coming from Active Campaign

  • Create an AI that writes automatic emails for potential customers that have been validated

  • The AI should interact with the leads up until a meeting is booked using Calendly

The client

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we're not sharing the company's name. What we can tell you is that they're a new business in the US sales/marketing field, with a special AI system for dealing with potential customers. To increase efficiency and increase their competitive edge, they needed an automated system to filter and manage their growing number of potential customers.


hours of manual labor saved


Increase in Sales


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The results

The advanced MVP developed by Lucky Media greatly simplified the customer's process of getting new leads. By using Laravel with Inertia.js, the solution checks and sorts incoming leads from Active Campaign based on the customer's specific data and internal rules.

The AI system validates leads, automates outreach, and keeps up conversations until scheduling meetings through Calendly. This automation saves the client about 4 hours of manual work every day, which adds up to around 80 hours each month and nearly 960 hours every year.

Besides saving time, the AI-powered solution has also increased sales by 40%. The four-month development process, which included UX research and integration with Active Campaign and Calendly, has definitely been worth it.

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The Timeline

The development process spanned over four months and involved extensive UX research, MVP development using Laravel for flexibility, and integrations with Active Campaign and Calendly. This made sure there was smooth synchronization between the MVP and the client's tools.

The result of this development was a professional MVP that saved our client at least 4 hours of manual labor per day by automating the lead filtering process. Furthermore, the sales of the company saw a big jump of 40%, showing the huge benefit brought by our AI-powered solution.

Technology Stack

Developing the MVP

With our eyes on the goal, we used the tech skills of Laravel and mixed it with the flexibility of Inertia.js to come up with the MVP they needed. Our solution was finely tuned to match the client's requirements and could smoothly do a bunch of tasks:

  • Read, sort, and manage leads coming from Active Campaign.

  • Filter these leads based on the company's own dataset and internal lead validation rules.

Moreover, the MVP was not just responsive; it was interactive:

  • When a lead was validated, it triggered an automatic email outreach.

  • If the lead responded, they could communicate with the AI until a meeting was booked.

Scheduling meetings with leads was designed to be a breeze, all automated using Calendly and OpenAI Functions.

Filtering Leads Illustration

Filtering Leads

The initial step was the system checking all new potential customers coming from Active Campaign. Recognized as a top player in making customer experience automatic, Active Campaign turned into a beneficial tool in this project. Dealing with the big job of sorting through new potential leads quickly, correctly, and dependably was made possible thanks to its strong features and abilities.

Lead Verification Flow

Lead Verification

Following the filtering, the system turned towards the use of validation rules. These were specific criteria set up by the company to distinguish potential leads from the vast pool. The rules considered essential factors and specifics revolving around the leads, which effectively sorted the good from the bad and connected only top-notch leads for further engagement.

AI Response Flow

AI Response

Post-verification, the Artificial Intelligence of the system came into full swing. The function of AI at this stage was to generate custom outreach emails and send them to validated leads. The AI, armed with detailed lead data, was able to construct specific and engaging emails that significantly increased the chances of the lead replying, getting us one step closer to closing a deal.

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AI Communication

The role of AI wasn't just about generating emails. It was set up to take on the next important task — maintaining the conversation with leads who responded to initial outreach. The AI used intelligent responses, guided by previously recorded data and programmed responses, to keep the conversation alive and engaging. Ultimately, the AI's goal was to make the communication process smoother until a meeting with the lead was successfully set up.

Scheduling Animation


In the final stage of this automated process, the system integrated Calendly to schedule meetings. To make setting up appointments easy and free of any mistakes or issues, Calendly was introduced into the workflow. A fully automated process, the AI ensured a smooth transition from the interaction stage to the important meeting stage, without any hitches or delays. Once the meeting was scheduled by the lead, the job of our AI-powered web application was completed, and the lead was considered successful.

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