Generating leads and empowering patient journeys

How we helped Clinique Michel Gagner improve performance, strengthen patient relationships, and cement itself as a Canadian leader in weight-loss surgery.

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The Challenge

Clinique Michel Gagner’s expertise and professionalism were not apparent from the business’s website. The site performed poorly, and prospective and current patients were not happy with the digital experience.

The solution

We built a high-performing, fully optimized, customizable, and modular website to increase organic traffic. It incorporated a clear page hierarchy and password-protected patient pages packed with new information. We also created a customizable multilingual questionnaire for prospective patients.

The game plan

  • Migrate from Statamic v2 to v3

  • Utilize new technologies, such as Alpine.js and TailwindCSS

  • Create a custom solution for the questionnaire

The client

Dr. Michel Gagner is one of the world’s most preeminent experts in minimally invasive weight-loss surgery. At his Montreal surgical center, Clinique Michel Gagner, his experienced team helps people suffering from severe chronic obesity.









The results

The client was able to produce more than 200 unique pages and subpages without hiring a developer to make changes, using the building blocks we created. Website maintenance costs were greatly reduced and regular updates no longer broke the website.
The multilingual (English and French) questionnaire, which included a BMI calculator, was a great conversion funnel for prospective patients. We built in conditional questions and custom field validations, and the data was submitted to a third-party CRM.
We achieved an 80% improvement in website loading time by migrating from Statamic v2 to the more optimized v3 and replacing jQuery with modern and small libraries like Alpine.js.
Because Statamic is built on Laravel, widely regarded as the most secure and well-maintained PHP framework today. After 6 months, the website has experienced zero downtime.

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The timeline

With another agency working on the UI/UX design, our task was to make sure that the performance was top-notch. The most complex part was to conduct a fully customizable multilingual questionnaire with a couple of specific requirements.

Technology stack

A fully modular website

We organized the supplied design into different building blocks, making it possible for the client to reorganize the entire website with ease. As simple as playing with LEGO bricks, the team at Clinique Michel Gagner could add, modify, reorganize, or remove sections of the website as they pleased and create new pages in the future.

Components you can control

The Statamic control panel (CP) provides a seamless experience, letting you toggle certain functionalities on or off for each of the website’s building blocks. We set some required fields so staff wouldn’t accidentally forget to complete them. And we enforced validation of specific fields depending on the data of other fields, offering them multiple variations of the same building block.

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Asking the right questions

Our most challenging task was to create a prospective patient questionnaire that would support lead generation. It had the following requirements:

  • Easily modifiable from the CP

  • Multilingual support (for English and French)

  • BMI calculator

  • Conditional questions

  • Input field validations

  • Export to pdf and send via email

  • CRM integration

Easily modifiable from the CP

Grouped into several stages with multiple questions in each stage, the questionnaire was complex. It included different types of questions, such as text input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, text area fields, etc. We built it so the client can add, modify, or delete any of these fields as necessary.

Multilingual support

The questionnaire was provided in English and French. The client was responsible for translating the questions appropriately and making sure that all questions were included in both languages.

BMI calculator

The questionnaire had a built-in calculator for prospective patients to work out their body mass index. This could be calculated using metric or imperial measurements, depending on what they preferred.

Conditional questions

Answering certain questions would influence which other questions a prospective patient would need to answer next. For example, if you answered yes to the question ‘Do you consume alcohol?’, you would automatically be asked about your weekly alcohol intake

Input field validations

The client wanted to make sure that each question was answered correctly. That’s why we included custom validation for all of the questions. The client could modify the validations as well.

Export to pdf and send via email

After someone completes the questionnaire, the data is exported into a pdf file that’s saved in the server and sent via email to the client and the prospective patient.

CRM integration

Some questionnaire data was important for the CRM integration that the client used for tracking leads. We created a custom solution that filtered the data before sending them over to the API.

Stepping up Statamic

The website was built on Statamic v2, and we helped migrate it to v3. We successfully exported the news posts and the form submissions. Find out more about how we make migrations happen here.

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Password Protected Pages

Besides the website’s public pages, the client wanted some pages, with additional content specifically designed for patients, to be accessible through a modifiable alphanumeric code. They could then give out the code to relevant patients and change it as required, as well as easily modify page content or add new pages.

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