Boosting performance to improve user experience

How we joined forces with Chillidog Hosting to step up its website’s performance and improve user experience for a global customer base.

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The Challenge

Chillidog Hosting was grappling with an outdated WHMCS system that was riddled with legacy PHP code and poor documentation. This cumbersome system was impeding the efficiency of hosting and domain services, leading to a suboptimal user experience.

The solution

We built a super-fast website that functions well on all devices, increased user engagement, and received positive feedback from customers.

The game plan

  • Remove older technologies

  • Introduce better performance-boosting technologies

The client

Chillidog Hosting provides easy-to-manage hosting services that match businesses as they scale, and save them time and energy. It supports RapidWeaver, WordPress, Weebly with a suite of products for almost every personal and professional website. With thousands of happy customers all over the world, it’s constantly expanding its reach.









The results

New technologies helped achieve maximum performance points from Google Lighthouse. The website also scored top numbers for accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

The performance boost was immediately noticed by customers who shared their positive feedback with our client.

The introduction of the right caching techniques and a combination of top technologies led to an enormous increase in performance.

Because Statamic is built on Laravel, widely regarded as the most secure and well-maintained PHP framework today, after two years, the website has experienced zero downtime.

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The timeline

With only slight design changes and considerable in-house expertise at Chillidog Hosting, we were able to quickly assess which technologies should be removed and substituted with more reliable solutions.

Technology stack

A fully modular website

We organized the supplied design into different building blocks, making it possible for the client to reorganize the entire website with ease. As simple as playing with LEGO bricks, the team at Chillidog Hosting could add, modify, reorganize, or remove sections of the website as they pleased and create new pages in the future.

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Time for a technology upgrade

Technology evolves and so should the tech powering your website. And with this project, it’s easy to see why. The boost in performance from implementing newer technologies was incredible.

Together with the client, we decided to get rid of older technologies, such as jQuery and Bootstrap. We replaced jQuery with Vanilla (pure) JavaScript whenever possible and in some cases made use of Alpine.js, a very powerful and minimal framework. As for Bootstrap, it was time to move forward with TailwindCSS, a CSS framework that allows us to build custom solutions much faster and more easily.

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Best Practices



A bright future

As technology evolves, Google’s requirements change and become more rigid. Google Lighthouse helps developers analyze a website and make improvements to boost rankings and improve performance. Some developers prefer to paper over the cracks and simply let it go, but we believe there’s no compromise for quality. We use tools like this to build websites that are up there with the best. For Chillidog Hosting’s site, we received the top performance score.

Lucky Media is an outstanding group to collaborate with. They're trustworthy, reliable and passionate about their work. I'd highly recommend them for any organization seeking value and, most importantly, results.

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