Staff Augmentation

Augment Your Team with Top Software Development Talent

Staff augmentation is a popular service that offers numerous benefits to businesses looking to expand their team without the overhead costs and time-consuming process of direct hiring. It allows companies to access talented developers and designers without the burden of recruiting and training them, saving both time and money. Our team of experienced developers is ready to provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Simple reasons to consider staff augmentation

Difficulty finding, hiring, and retaining in-house developers

Reduce recruitment and onboarding costs and time

Quickly scale up the development team to meet project deadlines

Specific expertise needed for a particular project

Minimize project risks from lack of expertise or capacity

Need for fully committed developers for your projects.

Experiment with new development methodologies, tools, or technologies without long-term commitments.

Technologies we love to use

We prioritize quality work that meets industry standards, ensuring top-notch service from our experienced team of software developers. Our developers possess a variety of technical skills, including expertise in Laravel, React, React Native, Next.js, Alpine.js, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Statamic, FilamentPHP, PHPUnit, and Cypress.

Exceptional business relationships shouldn’t be the luck of the draw. We really work to earn your trust, meet your needs, and become part of your team – the Bruce Banner to your Captain America, if you will (without all the smashing).

Speaking of team-ups, here’s a lovely little thing Taylor Otwell – the creator of Laravel – said about us:

Featured Case Study

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Revolutionising Lead Generation with AI

AI-powered solution for a startup in the sales/marketing industry to automate lead processing, increase efficiency by 40%, and reduce manual labor by 50%.

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Take advantage of our team extension for:

Web Application Development

A web app might be the ideal option for your internal tool or SaaS solution, whether you want to integrate online ordering and delivery or use a content management system. And if you’re a start-up in need of an MVP we can work with tight timelines to make it happen.

MVP Web Application Development

We assist startups and entrepreneurs in creating secure and user-friendly MVP products using modern technologies such as Laravel, React, Vue, Inertia, Alpine, etc.

Mobile Application Development

Our goal is to deliver mobile applications that are secure, scalable, and sustainable across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.

Website Design

Our team of designers can create custom, visually stunning responsive websites that are optimized for user experience and lead conversion.

Our Process


Project Initiation

We will organize a meeting with representatives from your company to ensure that we understand your requirements and can develop a project plan that aligns with your needs.


Task Assignment

We assign tasks to our developers based on the features list. Each developer is aware of their specific responsibilities and can work on their assigned tasks efficiently.


Development and Oversight

Our Lead Developer oversees the development process to ensure that it meets your expectations and is the main point of contact for communication should any issues arise.


Review and Approval

Completed features are reviewed by at least one team member before final approval by the Lead Developer. This ensures that the work is of high quality and meets the requirements.


Confirmation and Merging

Once a feature is completed, you receive confirmation from our team. If the feature is working as expected, it is merged into the master branch and marked as complete.



We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your web application runs smoothly.

Partner with your favorite Software Development Agency

Lucky Media is proud to be recognized as a leading Laravel Development Agency. This recognition is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering top-notch Laravel solutions that drive business growth. Our team's unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has earned us this prestigious ranking.

We’re a Certified Statamic Partner, which means we have access to the latest resources, information, and support from Statamic. We're the #1 Statamic Agency, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform. We’re proud to have built some of the best Statamic starter kits out there, making it possible for developers to build a professional website within minutes.

Lucky Media is an honored Laravel News Partner, the most famous Laravel news site that provides valuable resources for developers. We are a Premium Sponsor for the development of FilamentPHP, the best open-source Admin Panel built with the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire).

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Book a free call and have a no-strings-attached chat about your ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does staff augmentation differ from traditional outsourcing?

Staff augmentation and traditional outsourcing are two different approaches to expanding your team. Unlike traditional outsourcing, staff augmentation from a software development agency like ours provides you with more control and oversight over the project. This model promotes regular and improved communication, keeping you updated on the project's progress. It's like having your own Laravel developers or React Native experts, but without the overheads of hiring full-time staff.

What types of roles can be filled through staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a flexible solution that can fill a diverse range of roles. Our software development agency specializes in providing skilled Laravel developers, React and React Native experts, Next.js, Alpine.js, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Statamic, PHPUnit Tests, and Cypress professionals. Whether you're looking for a Laravel development agency to augment your team with Laravel developers or need experts in TailwindCSS, our staff augmentation services have you covered.

How do you ensure the quality of the developers provided through staff augmentation?

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our staff augmentation services. Each feature completed by our Laravel, Statamic, Nextjs, React, React Native, or TailwindCSS developers undergoes a rigorous review process. Another developer reviews the feature first, followed by a final review and approval from the lead developer. This meticulous approach ensures that our staff augmentation services consistently deliver high-quality code that meets the highest standards.

What industries do you have experience working with?

Our staff augmentation services cater to a wide array of industries. Our Laravel developers and other specialists have experience working with clients in healthcare, technology, service, finance, retail, and more. We're not just a Laravel development agency; we're a versatile partner ready to augment your team with the right expertise.

What is the duration of the staff augmentation contract?

Our staff augmentation contracts are flexible, ranging from a minimum of three months to several years. We believe in building long-lasting relationships, and our collaboration can continue as long as both parties are satisfied with the work and enthusiastic about the project. This flexibility is one of the many benefits of our staff augmentation services.

What is the duration of your onboarding process?

Our onboarding process for new projects is swift, typically completed in under a day. Our Laravel, Statamic, Nextjs, React, React Native, and TailwindCSS developers follow industry best practices and employ the latest tools to ensure a seamless integration with your existing team. This quick and efficient onboarding is a key feature of our staff augmentation services.

How does a developer's day look?

A day in the life of our developers starts with a sync-up meeting with you. Throughout the day, we maintain open communication about the progress and breaks. An hour before the end of the day, we sync again to ensure alignment and transparency. This level of communication is a crucial part of our staff augmentation services, ensuring that our Laravel developers and other specialists are always in sync with your team.

How do you ensure communication and collaboration between the staff augmentation team and our in-house team?

We use Trello as our preferred project management tool for collaborating with clients, supplemented by weekly meetings and regular status reports. For internal communication, we use Slack, while GitHub handles our project management. This ensures seamless collaboration between our staff augmentation team and your in-house team, making us more than just a Laravel development agency, but a true extension of your team.

How do you handle communication with clients in different time zones?

Our staff augmentation services are designed to cater to clients across different time zones. We assign a suitable point of contact based on the client's location, either in the US or Europe. We also hold weekly meetings and prioritize significant project tasks to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary meetings. This approach ensures that our staff augmentation services are always in sync with your business needs, regardless of the time zone.

How good is your English?

We only hire developers from the United States and Europe, ensuring proficiency in English. You can rest assured that our Laravel, Statamic, Nextjs, React, React Native, and TailwindCSS developers are highly skilled in both technical and language aspects. This proficiency in English is a key aspect of our staff augmentation services, ensuring clear and effective communication.

What is the cost of staff augmentation services and how is it calculated?

Our staff augmentation services are billed only for the actual hours spent working on your project. We exclude time spent outside of the project's scope, such as meals, coffee breaks, and team building activities. We use time-tracking tools to determine the precise amount of time committed to your project and provide you with weekly reports for transparency. This transparent billing is a key feature of our staff augmentation services, ensuring you get value for every dollar spent.

How long does it take to assemble an augmented team?

The timeline for assembling an augmented team can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that we make the right team members available as quickly as possible, typically within a month. Whether you need Laravel developers or experts in other technologies, we're ready to support your project.