Streamlining Hosting and Domain Services

A transformation of the WHMCS Billing system to offer a straightforward and efficient user experience for hosting and domain needs.

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The Challenge

Our client's WHMCS software for handling hosting and domains was super outdated and a pain to use. It's built on an old PHP codebase with a bad UI/UX, making it tough for customers and a headache for Chillidog to handle. Moving to a different provider is pretty much a no-go since there's no tool to automate the migration.

The Solution

We built a new app using the Laravel framework, a modern technology, to communicate with the outdated WHMCS system and solve its problems. The WHMCS Documentation is very difficult to follow and it's not consistent with the actual response of the API.

The Game Plan

  • Retrieve and update data by using the WHMCS API

  • Direct database access for complex tasks when the API does not suffice

  • Enom API integration for domain services

  • Stripe integration for secure and simple payments

  • Streamlining the domain search and hosting setup process

The Client

Chillidog Hosting is a customer-centric hosting provider supporting platforms like RapidWeaver, WordPress, and Weebly. They're committed to delivering scalable and straightforward hosting solutions to an international customer base.

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The timeline

Despite the challenges posed by WHMCS's legacy code and inadequate API documentation, our expertise in software development enabled us to decipher the necessary data points and establish a stable connection for data manipulation. The project spanned over a year to guarantee a smooth and reliable user experience.

Tech Stack

Laravel React and Inertia Illustration

Laravel, Inertia, and React

Laravel, Inertia, and React together form a powerful combination for the web development of this project, offering seamless data synchronization and efficient state management. This combination ensures smooth and dynamic interactions, making it a top choice for a project that requires real-time data updates and a responsive, user-friendly interface. It helped us build an ideal, modern, and high-performance web application.

Laravel authentication and WHMCS

By using Laravel's powerful authentication system, we designed a secure gateway that allowed users to access their data directly from our application. We use the WHMCS API for efficient and secure user registration and login. On new user sign-ups or logins, we send their details to WHMCS, triggering the API to create a client record. This integration streamlines user account creation and ensures consistent user management across our platform and WHMCS.

We can fetch real-time data on hosting packages, domain registrations, and other related services associated with the user's account. Through custom-built controllers and middleware in Laravel, we used API requests to interact with WHMCS, ensuring that data flow was both seamless and secure.

This integration provides a secure and streamlined experience for users, encouraging customer loyalty and trust in the Chillidog Hosting brand.

Domain Registration Process

The domain registration process is designed to boost visibility for users searching for domain availability, registration, and additional services, leading to an intuitive checkout experience. Domain registration is often the first step for businesses establishing an online presence, and we've optimized this process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

  1. Search your Domain: This step includes checking domain availability, providing suggestions, assessing ID protection status, and detecting possible errors. It also displays prices for both standard and premium domains.

  2. Add Domain to Cart: Users select one or more domains to add to their cart.

  3. Domain Configuration: The registration period for the domain is selected, with the option to add ID protection available.

  4. Adding Hosting: The registration period for the domain is selected, with the option to add ID protection available.

  5. Additional Services: This provides options for extra services such as SpamExperts Email Security, a robust website builder, and CodeGuard Website Backup.

  6. Checkout Process: The user selects their preferred payment method, such as Stripe or PayPal, and enters their card information to make the payment. The order is then completed, and an invoice is generated and paid for the chosen domain and services.

Domain Details Before and After

Domain Details Page After
Domain Details Page Before

Domain Management and Enom API

Whether transferring a domain in or out, or choosing extra services such as hosting and security, our intuitive interface provides a seamless experience. The user can manage everything with just a few clicks.

Multiple features are missing from the WHMCS API and that's why we had to communicate directly with the Enom API for domain-related matters. Users can manage their domain's nameservers, update contact information, enable ID protection, and verify WHOIS status. Additionally, we have integrated Spatie's SslCertificate package to monitor the SSL status of the domain.

Pricing Page Before and After

Pricing Page
Pricing Page

Hosting and additional services

Based on the user location the hosting packages are either from US or EU servers. Several hosting packages are offered and the user can buy them with a few clicks. Managing the hosting services is a breeze and there are several other additional services that the user can choose such as:

  • Chillimail - It provides extra virus and spam protection for business emails.

  • Codeguard - It offers daily automated backups for the website.

  • Website Builder - A website builder can also be selected during the hosting checkout process.

My Services Before and After

My Services New Screen
My Services Old Screen

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Billing system

We categorize invoices as Paid, Unpaid, Cancelled, and Refunded. Users can easily pay an unpaid invoice through the system. Users can settle unpaid invoices directly and add funds via credit card to pay for services like hosting and domains. For convenience, multiple invoices can be paid at once through the Mass Payment feature, creating a single collective invoice. Stripe payment details are securely held in Stripe, not our database, but can still be managed through our system.

Support and ticket management

The new system enables users to effortlessly submit and manage support tickets, promoting a user-centric approach to customer service and support efficiency. We recognize that excellent customer support is a key differentiator in the hosting industry, and our system is designed to ensure that users receive the help they need quickly and efficiently.

For added convenience, users can view the details of each ticket and, once their issue is resolved, they have the option to mark the ticket as resolved, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly support experience.

Ticketing Before and After


WHM and cPanel integration

WHMCS offers automated features for account management, including billing services. WHM provides a suite of tools to manage your cPanel server, its services, and its accounts. We've integrated WHMCS's automated account management features with WHM tools for comprehensive cPanel server and account control. This integration provides users with a powerful suite of tools for managing their hosting environment, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Server Status

In today's always-on world, users expect their websites to be available 24/7, and our server status feature provides them with the assurance that we are actively monitoring and maintaining the infrastructure that supports their online presence. The server status feature provides users with immediate visual feedback on server performance, ensuring transparency and trust in our hosting services.

Account Management Mockup

Account Management

The user has a detailed account management system in place, allowing them to view account details, manage permissions, invite other clients, add payment methods, and create additional contacts for billing and domain contact information purposes.

This helps the users to easily partner with developers and content editors for managing their website.

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